Inattentive Without ADHD

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Why Can’t My Child Focus? It may not be ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) diagnoses often presume that inattentiveness is the root of the problem. Most often, it is merely a symptom. As a result, for millions, it is a frustrating and demoralizing problem that erodes confidence and passion for learning. Each year, a wave of students will be …

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Why Online Cognitive Training is Ineffective

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If you are serious about enhancing cognition, you must consider which program modality (on line versus in person) is right for you. How do you select between two different choices?  Consider the following factors in your decision: 1. DEFINING BASELINES & MEASURING GAINS CLINICALLY: An independent, clinical, and scientific cognitive skills assessment should be conducted before starting a cognitive training program. This defines a …


Executive Functioning

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What is Executive Functioning? Executive functions include the ability to initiate, plan and organize, set goals, solve problems, regulate emotions, and monitor behavior.  These abilities are critical for success in today’s high-pressure society, and deficient executive function can lead to disorganization, poor work habits, impulsive behavior, and a variety of other undesirable outcomes. While evidence supports that physical exercise contributes to executive function in …

Exercise & Brain Function

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  Our brains respond to stimulation much like our muscles do, while inactivity causes gradual decay in both.  However, in addition to improving your physical fitness when you exercise your body, you also provoke neural activity in the brain that improves cognitive abilities.  Therefore, exercise improves physical and mental fitness.  Exercise, specifically aerobic activity, affects brain function in many ways.  …