“I cannot say enough about the positive experience we had with COGexcel. Enrolling our daughter was one of the best decisions we could have made.” – COGx Parent

COGexcel serves individuals in the Greater Washington DC area using COGx science and evidence-based programs to enhance learning.

Enhance Cognition

We optimize learning through science-based principles with evidence-based approach that is customized and in-person

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Memory Program

We offer group and individualized programs that target memory. Programs are short, intense and focused on application.

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Learning Differences

Our customized programs are effective complementary therapies for those with Dyslexia, ADHD, ASD/PDD.

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Cognitive Remediation

Injuries, illnesses and/or their treatments (ABI, PTSD, cancer, and concussion) affect the cognitive areas we remediate.

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Dr. Cindy Ward Sandler

“Since obtaining my Ph.D. in psychology in 1979, I have pursued my lifelong desire to help others reach their potential. I have sought effective interventions that improve learning by addressing cognition throughout my entire career.

In 2013 I began referring students to COGx and realized I had found a uniquely effective methodology. As a result, I decided to close a successful private practice in psycho-educational testing to help democratize access to COGx.”

COGexcel is based in the Washington, DC region and serves clients throughout DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Our programs take place at various locations, with options for home-based training as well as onsite at your child’s school.

COGx services at your organization

COGx programs are completely decentralized and can be incorporated into your organization or licensed to qualified organizations in the greater-DC area.

In order to improve learning, we must understand what is going on “beneath the surface” for each learner.

Learning is the product of many things working together, and there are principles underlying why learning is or is not happening effectively.

Too often, symptoms are treated without understanding what is at the root. COGexcel professionals aim to understand the learner and enhance learning through proven methods.

About Our methodology

COGx Annual
Research Publications:

Request our latest research publication on cognition, remediation, the science of learning, and more.

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Skills We Strengthen

Long-term Memory, Attention, Working Memory, Processing Speed, Executive Functioning, Cognitive Flexibility, Reasoning

Our Process

We begin by understanding the individual’s unique cognitive profile and listening to your goals. Programs are then designed to meet these needs.

Our Results

Our clients are unique. Our approach reflects that. We believe each person we serve is a case study rather than a self-serving statistic.