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Individualized Cognitive Enhancement

Scientific discoveries in neuroscience are transforming our understanding and ability to influence brain function, specifically for how students learn.

COGx is at the forefront of these discoveries. We offer an evidence-based, proprietary methodology used to remediate and enhance cognitive skills through highly customized interventions delivered in-person.

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Group-Based Memory Enhancement Programs

COGx teaches participants in the group-based programs the underlying scientific principles of successful learning while enhancing the students’ ability to effectively store and recall information efficiently (improve memory).

Students formed pairs to practice master techniques and strategies for enhancing memory. Peer-based instruction fosters engagement,  metacognition and mastery.

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COURSE: Science of Successful Learning

Learning is a science that can be taught. Students don’t only rely on their ability to learn independently for their academic success, but as a critical skill for life. We believe schooling is incomplete if we fail to teach our students the  principles that underpin successful learning.

The Science of Successful Learning is a blended learning course for high-school and college-level students offered exclusively to COGx partners. The purpose of this course is to teach the science of learning in an accessible way to students. This course enables students to become more effective and autonomous learners by applying these principles to optimize their learning.


Professional Development for Educators

COGx helps schools better understand and improve the underlying variables that educators depend on to succeed. In partnership with leading academics in the field of cognitive science, neuroscience, applied psychology and education, COGx translates brain science into professional development workshops for educators.


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