Cognitive Trainer

Allise Sellers graduated from the University of California in Davis with a B.S. in Cognitive Science with a Neuroscience Emphasis as well as a minor in Sexuality Studies. During her undergraduate career, Allise worked in several Psychological research labs on and off campus. She took a variety of psychology and cognitive science courses that sparked her passion for the field. During her senior year, Allise worked in two separate labs and contributed to different projects in those labs. She was a research assistant for the Psychopathology and Emotion Processing Lab at the UC Davis Medical Center where she assisted on a project looking at emotional deficits presented in individuals with Schizophrenia or early psychosis. At the same time, Allise was an active member of the Human Memory Lab on campus where she focused on analyzing the effects of stress on memory in student populations.

While in school, Allise worked for the Undergraduate Education Department’s Testing Center, where she interacted with a variety of students every day who received testing accommodations. She proctored exams, handled day-to-day operations involving student accommodations and professor interactions, and trained new proctors and office staff every week.

She plans on continuing her education in the near future in a graduate program entailing emotion, learning, and memory. For now, she is enjoying life in Maryland and is spending her free time testing out some new hobbies.


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