The future belongs to those who can learn, unlearn, and re-learn. Developing self-directed learners requires strong cognitive skills upon which 21st century skills are built. COGx does both.

The 21st century requires students who can think critically, problem solve creatively, communicate effectively and work collaboratively. A successful learner becomes self-directed (sophisticated learner). To foster these skills COGx represents an evidence and science-based technology platform that allows school systems to cost-effectively build 21st century skills.


Our technology
platform develops
21st Century Skills
with science-based

COGx partner schools may license our technology platform that helps build 21st century schools for all students. The tool has been designed in academia, with science and evidence-based methods.


Students read the assignment details and are asked to submit a completed assignment by a given date.


Students anonymously see several peer assignments and are asked to provide feedback on each assignment.


Students get to see what their peers thought about their own assignment. If enabled, students can revise their assignment and complete a reflection.


Students see feedback from their teacher and their final grade.

Participation in this peer-review assignment process develops 21st Century skills:


Making comparisons is a powerful cognitive process. When students consider what makes one piece stronger than another, they enhance understanding. After students critically read, view, or listen to the work of others, they apply their new insights to their own work.


Regardless of the medium used – writing, music, video or art –students develop their creative thinking skills when creating and assessing assignments.


The peer-assessment phase of the assignment puts into practice the 21st century skill of communication. And because the tool operates in an online environment, students can give and receive feedback anytime, anywhere, and anonymously.


Students obtain timely feedback, from multiple perspectives, even when the instructor is unable to respond quickly. This online collaboration often continues in the classroom as group discussions or debates, increasing student engagement and participation.

Reasons why you should use our 21st century skills platform as a teaching and learning tool:

Easy to implement and manage

Choose an assignment from the library or build one of your own. You can set up an assignment in minutes! Students submit their work directly to the application, which takes care of the distribution..

Facilitates differentiated instruction

Instructors can set up different groups within a peerScholar assignment with different content to address individual students’ interests and abilities..

It is content agnostic

It is a unique tool in that it can accommodate different types of assignments from any subject area. A Visual Arts instructor can use the tool in his/her classroom just as easily as an English Language Arts instructor.

Remote access

Because our tool is web-based, all of the information that you need can be accessed wherever you are – home, school, library etc. You just need an internet connection!

Cloud-based storage

No need to carry around student assignments; they are all in the cloud!

Complements your current curriculum

Instructors can easily incorporate existing assignments into the cloud. Doing so will take all of the learning benefits of the original assignments and add to them various 21st Century skills.

Professional Development for Educators

COGx helps schools better understand and improve the underlying variables that educators depend on to succeed. In partnership with leading academics in the field of cognitive science, neuroscience, applied psychology and education, COGx translates brain science into professional development workshops for educators.

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Individualized Cognitive Enhancement

Scientific discoveries in neuroscience are transforming our understanding and ability to influence brain function, specifically for how student’s learn. COGx is at the forefront of these discoveries. We offer an evidence-based, proprietary methodology used to remediate and enhance cognitive skills through highly customized interventions delivered in-person.

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