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"My only regret is that we didn’t know of their services sooner in our daughter’s educational career. COGx tackled the learning challenges that prevented her from being able to digest, breakdown, organize, research and complete assignments on her own. COGx focused on training and techniques designed to mend and teach life-long work-arounds for our daughter’s many learning disabilities and not just address the short-term gain of completing a given task."

- Parent

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Maura is a young teen with a cerebral palsy diagnosis. Prior to beginning her COGx program, Maura’s experience with learning was constant frustration and failure. As a result, Maura struggled with anxiety and poor habits surrounding her executive functioning weakness. Both of these factors fostered a sense of learned helplessness that greatly affected Maura’s progress in the first half of her program. For example, It was difficult to address processing speed and long-term memory when Maura’s anxiety would enter as a “pollutant” and sabotage her progress, but this created a catch-22 as these weak skills were the primary culprits for her anxiety.