AGE 59

"I was unable to diagnose cases when we met and now my ability to diagnose has improved dramatically through training. There have been improvements in visual processing and memory. I noticed for the first time since the injury that the anatomical knowledge that appeared to have been lost, was suddenly regained."

- Samuel


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A 59-year-old doctor, Samuel suffered a stroke that resulted in severe cognitive decline. Specifically, memory and processing abilities were most symptomatic. Samuel began training with cognitive skills between the .01th percentile and 5th percentile.

Samuel was referred to COGx after years of computer-based cognitive remediation therapy that had failed to show any improvement in his cognitive skills or ability.

At the beginning of training, Samuel would consistently say “I don’t know” to just about anything he was asked. His injury had robbed him of a hard-earned medical pedigree and a fulfilling life he cherished, and Samuel was understandably discouraged, having spent several years attempting to recover his skills in vain.