AGE 11

"I could use these techniques to learn anything, in any class"

- Solomon


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Solomon started his program with significant learning struggles. His weaknesses in attention, working memory, and processing speed, compiled with dyslexia, made it difficult for Solomon to read, write, learn new concepts, and sustain focus.

His program goals included strengthening his processing skills (attention, working memory, and processing speed), improving his long-term memory and metacognition, and regulating his behavior/control impulses, so that he can learn things with less difficulty.

When Solomon began training, as soon as he perceived a task to be difficult, he displayed avoidance behaviors and became easily distracted, tired, bored, or fidgety. He showed fatigue relatively quickly and experienced frequent frustration, disdain, and low self-esteem regarding his ability to learn and work on tasks independently.

Some of Solomon’s strengths were his energetic personality and his motivation to perform well. These were important assets to his success in the program.