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About COGx

We are a research and development firm in applied cognitive science. We distill and translate the science of human learning into programs that improve learning ability.

Our Academic Partners

We work with the world's leading researchers, cognitive scientists, applied psychologists, and educators to co-create our programs while ensuring we translate the science into programs that deliver a sustainable impact for our clients.

Academic Research on Importance of Science of Learning PD for Educators

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COGx serves whole institutions, individual educators, and students. Click the link below to quickly locate the most pertinent information.

Case Studies

See how COGx programs for individualized cognitive enhancement are customized, clinical and accountable to delivering learning outcomes for diverse learners.

Science of Learning

Learn about our suite of online professional development programs on the science of learning co-created with the world’s leading learning scientists.

Partner With Us

If you manage an organization of learners and/or educators who could benefit from improving how they learn and/or teach, contact us to explore our approach to partnering and supporting your success.