COGx & Middle East Psychological Association Conference

Understanding the Cognitive Roots of Emotional & Behavioral Challenges to Learning

While the effects of emotion on cognition and learning are widely known, it is important to identify how emotional and behavioral challenges can be driven by the student’s unique cognitive profile. In many cases, a specific weakness in cognition is the root cause provoking an adverse effect on emotion and behavior.

Dubai, April 27-29
World Trade Center

These cases are quite common and most likely to be misunderstood for twice exceptional students, which are those that have superior intellectual abilities coexisting with a specific cognitive weakness that is often masked. Twice exceptionality and inconsistent academic performance is also exacerbated in societies where change is common (global nomads) and cultural norms stigmatize understanding and addressing a student’s struggles.

This talk will provide insights into scientific principles of learning and the cognitive learning frameworks that all successful learners rely on. Participants will be better able to understand how certain cognitive weaknesses can sabotage learning and cause a domino effect on emotions and behavior, particularly for capable students. The talk will include better approaches to identifying and addressing learning struggles holistically.