COGx Impact

We improve teaching and learning outcomes for partner organizations and offer independent measurement of impact and validation of our programs.

Professional Development for Educators

Learning outcomes are proven to improve significantly when educators apply the science of how their students learn to improve how they teach. This is evidenced through independent research and validated by our partner organizations.

Individualized Programs

COGx individualized cognitive enhancement programs are built around the unique learning (cognitive) profile of each learner. Each program is customized in its approach and designed to achieve goals that are based on real-life outcomes.

COGx programs are designed to develop independent (self-directed) learners. Our clinical approach ensures each student masters the scientific principles that underpin learning success (at an age appropriate level), while targeting and strengthening the core cognitive skills responsible for learning, and we ensure these gains transfer to real-life, which no other cognitive program claims or achieves.

COGx partner organizations measure the gains of COGx programs through a combination of tools, including surveys and/or academic performance improvements. In addition, we measure the cognitive gains of the program through clinical (independent) batteries. Partners may have the ability to use a combination of cognitive assessments, we also provide options. Our intent is to ensure we have an objective, independent and accurate measure of the impact each program provides the learner.  

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Dr. Cindy Sandler Ward

“Since obtaining my Ph.D. in psychology in 1979, I have pursued my lifelong desire to help others reach their potential. I have sought effective interventions that improve learning by addressing cognition throughout my entire career. In 2013 I began referring students to COGx and realized I had found a uniquely effective methodology. As a result, I decided to close a successful private practice in psycho-educational testing to help democratize access to COGx.”

Group-Based Memory Program

Memory is foundational to learning. In our group-based program, student master evidence-based methods of improving memory with their peers to enhance learning outcomes.

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Course: Science of Successful Learning

Research reveals most students use ineffective strategies to learn. Our course teaches students the science of learning in an engaging format that focuses on mastering and applying evidence-based learning tools.

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