Our Mission

Our Mission

About COGx

We believe an education succeeds when a teacher graduates out of a learner's life and the learner never graduates from the act of learning. We develop sophisticated learners.

Our Organization

Founded in 2010, COGx is a research and development organization in applied cognitive science focused on translating research on human learning into programs that improve teaching and learning.

Proven Results

After successfully working with dozens of schools in the Greater Washington, DC area, the State of Maryland invested in COGx for its track record operating with integrity while delivering innovative programs that incorporate the latest scientific research and clinical methods to enhance cognition.

Scalable Solutions

COGx's solutions have grown from individualized programs that effectively address learning differences to whole school offerings that include online professional development for educators and courses for students about the Science of Learning. The commitment to translating research with fidelity has remained a constant.

Science of Learning

COGx collaborates with leading researches, scientists, and subject matter experts to co-create programs that represent the latest scientific research in cognitive science. Our programs are evidence-based and founded on scientific principles of human learning.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make evidence-based approaches to teaching and learning equitably available to educators and students, with an emphasis on serving low-income students, to improve student outcomes for all.

Our Partners

We partner with organizations who strive to make teaching and learning more effective, efficient, and accessible. We custom design and execute a plan to fit each organizations demographics, needs, and goals.

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