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Javier Arguello

Executive Director

Carmen Constantinescu, PhD

Teaching & Learning Curriculum Design

Dr. Constantinescu also serves as Program Facilitator for Online Professional Learning series on the Science of Learning.

Peling Li, PhD

Program Facilitator, Professional Learning

Alexandra Henning

Learning & Development Manager

Steve Joordens, PhD

Professor of Psychology, University of Toronto

Linda Darling-Hammond, PhD

Professor Emeritus, Stanford University Graduate School of Education

Robert Bjork, PhD

Professor of Psychology, UCLA

Elizabeth Bjork, PhD

Professor Cognitive Psychology, UCLA

John Hattie, PhD

Leading education researcher

Melanie Hayes, PhD

Founder of Big Minds Unschool

Debbie Simon, PhD

Learning & Development Manager

Mayur Vyas


Cindy Sandler, PhD

Clinical Psychology

Ned Johnson

Author & Educator

Jarrett Lovelett

UCSD, PhD Candidate; Human Learning & Memory

Cassie Castro

Learning & Development Manager

David Bott

Associate Director of the Institute of Positive Education at Geelong Grammar School

Ruba Tabari, PhD

Educational Pychologist

COGx Partner Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Kristen Woo

Learning & Development Manager

Allise Sellers

Learning Specialist

Katherine Rogers

Learning Specialist

Mary Robinson

Learning & Development Manager

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