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COGx partners with organizations that share our values of delivering programs with fidelity to ensure we improve learning outcomes for the communities we serve.
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We encourage prospective partners to request a webinar. Below is a synopsis of our operating principles, philosophy, commitment to quality and process for incorporating our services:

We Believe Every Student Should Master The Science of Learning

Our goal is to inform and equip educators with the latest scientific principles of learning in a format that can be applied to the classroom in order to improve learning outcomes. Our premise is that students globally would be better served if educators had ongoing access to the evolving brain science so as to infuse the science of learning to the essential art for teaching.

To achieve this objective, COGx partners with leading academics in the fields of neuroscience, cognitive science, education, and psychology. We then co-develop unique professional development programs that translate science into school-based applications. While each student is unique, there are unifying principles that underlie the learning process.

COGx academic partners are at the forefront of this research, and it is upon the work of leading brain scientists specialized in learning that COGx workshops are built.

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SCHOOLS equipped teachers to succeed by bringing the latest research in cognitive science applied to learning....


is at the forefront of these scientific discoveries. We offer science and evidence-based programs to enhance cognition alongside workshops for educators.

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