COGx individualized cognitive enhancement programs are built around the unique learning (cognitive) profile of each person we help. We do so with methods that are science and evidence-based.

COGx encourages independent before and after neuro-psychological testing to validate each program we undertake.

More importantly, COGx professionals design and customize programs around each client’s real-life goals, which we sign and commit to as a prerequisite to enrollment.

No other program or company can or will offer such a promise or commitment to results.

I didn’t even need to see the results to know how well Sam did with the training; the results were evident in the grades. Sam especially has made big improvements in math and accuracy.Parent of COGx Student

Why Standardized Programs Fail

  • Results

    Playing a game (or repeating an exercise) doesn’t automatically transfer into a real-life skill. Measuring gains with a battery of tests designed by the company offering the program is self-serving and discrediting.

  • Adherence

    Few people persist at independently working on a skill that is weak. We are wired to respond positively to what we can do (or learn to do). We avoid or desist tasks we can’t do, particularly when repetition is not the solution.

  • Customization

    Standardized programs offer the same recipe to a wide range of needs and abilities. Therefore, investing in irrelevance is almost guaranteed. Also, the likelihood of engaging and motivating the student by developing a path that connects their starting ability to their desired goals is greatly diminished.

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A science-based methodology coupled with a clinical approach knows its own limitations, which prevents it from setting false expectations. On the other hand, commercial programs (standardized approaches) are more constrained in their ability to deliver meaningful results. Ironically, they are often more inclined to tout universal effectiveness and rely on emotion to convince their target audience. Universal claims and emotional appeal should be a warning sign, particularly if these programs have a one-size fits all approach as franchisors tend to have.

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COGx Process & Promise

Our Process

Much like an individual deserves a customized approach, we have a similar approach to partner relationships.

Our Promise

We evaluate and ensure strategic fit along a flexible approach to integrating our services.

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