Individualized Program Results

COGx individualized cognitive enhancement programs are built around the unique learning (cognitive) profile of each person we help. We do so with methods that are science and evidence-based.


COGx encourages independent before and after neuro-psychological testing to validate each program we undertake.

More importantly, COGx professionals design and customize programs around each client’s real-life goals, which we sign and commit to as a prerequisite to enrollment.

No other program or company can or will offer such a promise or commitment to results.

I didn’t even need to see the results to know how well Sam did with the training; the results were evident in the grades. Sam especially has made big improvements in math and accuracy.Parent of COGx Student

Dr. Cindy Sandler Ward


“Since obtaining my Ph.D. in psychology in 1979, I have pursued my lifelong desire to help others reach their potential. I have sought effective interventions that improve learning by addressing cognition throughout my entire career.
In 2013 I began referring students to COGx and realized I had found a uniquely effective methodology. As a result, I decided to close a successful private practice in psycho-educational testing to help democratize access to COGx.”
“After about 6 years of frustration and pain regarding my child’s schooling, I have finally found a huge link that was missing.

Although the various schools provided a few strategies for him to compensate for his cognitive deficits he seemed stuck in the rut of merely learning by rote. There was no spark in him, no confidence, and no real growth in the areas where he was lacking. At times, I would despair, wondering what would happen to him in the future.

I know the provisions available through the schools–public, private, special needs, would help him a bit to move through the system in his education, but none of it would result in the real change I have witnessed in my son since he started individualized cognitive training with the COGx methodology.”Parent of COGx Student

Group-Based Memory Program

Memory is foundational to learning. In our group-based memory program, students master evidence-based methods of improving memory with their peers to enhance learning outcomes.

100 %

percent of parents reported:

“My son/daughter benefited greatly from the program”

“My son/daughter has a better understanding of how they learn”

“My son/daughter’s memory improved significantly”

“The memory program was a great investment”

“I would recommend the program to others”

“If this memory program was integrated into the school system, and teachers and students knew the techniques and strategies we learned, everyone would be a lot smarter!”Kevin, WWHS Student of Memory Program

Professional Development for Educators

Learning outcomes improve when teachers apply scientific principles to how they teach. In our PD for Educators, teachers learn how to apply science-based strategies to their teaching.

COGx is the finest example I’ve encountered of cutting edge research applied to educational methodology. All educators should be required to learn effective strategies to develop the foundational cognitive skills students need to engage in the critical thinking and creative problem solving that 21st century education demands. Teacher COGx Partner School
“I am working with a student right now whose family is most concerned with him being ready for college and increasing his independence. So much of this training was relevant to helping meet his needs. I feel much more confident in helping this student. Some of the practical tools such as the self-assessments are particularly helpful. Thank you!” Teacher COGx Partner School

“Montgomery College has been impressed by the scientific backing and track-record of results of the COGx approach applied to learning that innovates by incorporating the latest research emerging from neuroscience with cognitive science. Over the past three years, we have developed a strong relationship with COGx.” 

Margaret Latimer

Vice President & Provost of Montgomery College


Montgomery College, based in the State of Maryland (United States), is an open access public education institution with nearly 50,000 students enrolled. Every year the college selects an innovative initiative to pursue, which can be implemented with an industry partner.

COGx was chosen as the partner to integrate services to improve teaching and learning outcomes for the students. Through the partnership, we are assessing students to provide programs that target cognition to improve learning.

Montgomery College President's Innovation Forum: COGx

Course: Science of Successful Learning


Research reveals most students use ineffective strategies to learn. Our course teaches students the science of learning in an engaging format that focuses on mastering and applying evidence-based learning tools.

“I think the topics of this course should be given as teacher training for all teachers. This was the first time I had had any type of training on how to work with students who may have different roadblocks to attention, working memory, and processing speed. This training helped me to understand my students much better”Teacher of COGx Partner School

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