Science of Learning for Educators

Science of Learning for Educators

We translate the science of learning into evidence-based programs that promote equity, effectively address diversity, develop teaching and learning excellence and foster student wellbeing. We customize your Professional Development using our areas of expertise shown below – select topics, program schedule, and format (in-person or virtual). All our programs are available in English & Spanish.

Science of Learning Online PD

Developing Sophisticated Learners
Up to 45 hours | 12 Modules | $400

Developing Sophisticated Learners was co-created with a team of global experts on the Science of Learning. It consists of 12 modules, which are complemented with synchronous group collaboration, assignments, and workshops to support educators.

  • Our instructional design adheres to principles of adult learning to ensure that educators learn deeply and can apply the content with fidelity to their classrooms. To learn more about our instructional design, click here
  • Partners are provided customized programming and cadence, additional training and support for school leaders, and a detailed impact assessment.

Short PD Programs

We also offer shorter programs for educators. These programs are derived from the Developing Sophisticated Learners curriculum. Each consists of 3-4 modules which are complemented with synchronous group collaboration, assignments, and workshops to support educators. All content found in the short programs is included in our 45-hour PD “Developing Sophisticated Learners” (see above).

Introduction to the Science of Learning

Get an overview of the Science of Learning including evidence-based teaching practices and strategies. Hone your teaching practice by learning proven techniques and ensure students leave your classroom prepared for the ever-changing job landscape.

6 hours | $125
Processing Information: Foundation to Learning

Learn how to capture your students’ attention, address processing speed, and unlock the gateway to learning - working memory. Gain a toolbox of strategies that can be applied to your teaching.

9 hours | $125
Support Executive Function

Why are some students impulsive and procrastinate, while others have difficulty planning and organizing? Crack the code of Executive Function and unlock your students’ full potential.

7 hours | $125
Teach for Mastery

Why is most of what we learn forgotten? Why do students overestimate how well they know what you teach them? Gain a toolbox of strategies that will ensure your students remember what you teach them and can apply it to real-life.

10 hours | $125
Metacognition & Feedback

Did you know that one of the most effective ways to improve academic performance is by strengthening metacognition? Learn the “ins and outs” of metacognition, metacognitive strategies to embed alongside instruction, and ways to provide effective feedback.

10 hours | $125
Teach for Belonging & Wellbeing

On average, 1 out of 2 children suffer from trauma globally while student engagement decreases with every year of schooling. What does this mean for teaching and learning? Discover evidence-based methods to increase student engagement and foster student wellbeing.

8 hours | $125
Address Cognitive Diversity

How do you effectively engage and teach your twice exceptional students? How about those with language processing disorders? Learn how your student’s cognitive profiles affect their learning in your classroom and what strategies and systems you can put into place to effectively teach your diverse learners.

7 hours | $125

In-Person & Virtual PD Workshops

We also offer customized workshops for your community on the topics listed above. Organizations may select the topics of interest, duration, desired date, and format (in-person or virtual).

Special Rates for Partners

Faculty SizeDiscount
25-49 15%
50-99 20%
100-199 30%
200 & above 40%
Multi-School, Associations of Private Schools, Public School Districts, Ministries of Education Custom programming and pricing

Partners may enroll staff at the discounted rate into any of the programs above with a minimum of 25 educators per program.

What Our Programs Achieve

Excellence: closing the gap between teaching and learning

Decades of scientific research reveal the principles of human learning that impact academic performance. Unfortunately, research also suggests that training on the Science of Learning is uncommon. This is because the departments of education that train teachers are decoupled from the departments of cognitive science that specialize in understanding how humans learn. We close this gap by synthesizing and translating research on human learning into application-ready programs that are science- and evidence-based. This enhances excellence in teaching and learning.

Equity: best "in class" resources for everyone in your class

Through research, we know that learning is a science that must be taught and when we fail to do so, students rely on the least effective strategies to learn. This may be magnified for low-income students who do not have the resources to obtain specialized support outside of the classroom. Equity is achieved when every single student, regardless of socio-economic status, is taught to learn effectively. Their success in school and life is dependent on their ability to learn.

Diversity: individualizing instruction for diverse learners

Learning is a cognitive process, and cognition is malleable. Each student has a unique cognitive profile that is affected by their emotions, behaviors, and life experiences. Educators must be trained to identify differences in cognition, emotion, and behavior; individualize instruction for diverse learners, and while equip students with evidence-based learning strategies

Wellbeing: tools for a whole child approach

Our brains are changing constantly and shaped by our life experiences, which in turn affect our ability to learn. Therefore, while learning is a cognitive process, it is interconnected with our emotions and behaviors. To enable the success of our learners and educators, we must develop a keen understanding of how adversity can affect us and equip our educators with tools that foster the emotions, relationships, and behaviors essential to learning.

What Educators are Saying

Inquire: Adopt the Science of Learning

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