COGx Course: The Science of Successful Learning

The course is offered exclusively to COGx partners and is designed for High School and College level students.

What students learn:

  • Introduction to the Science of Learning: What do we know about how we learn?
  • Cognition & Learning: What skills do we rely on to learn effectively and how do these work together?
  • Scientific Principles of Learning: What successful learning looks like and how to acquire it.
  • Mastering Memory: How to build knowledge effectively in order to optimize critical thinking and enhance understanding.
  • Mastering Executive Function: How to improve the habits that support learning success
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Learn It

The course is designed with insights from the science of how we learn. Lessons are interactive and dynamic, with micro-lessons that engage students, provoking personal reflection and deeper learning.

Master It

Unlike theoretical courses that test “surface-level learning of concepts”, this course is designed to develop more effective and autonomous learners, capable of supervising their own learning process (metacognition).

Apply It

Students master then apply the concepts learned to the rest of their learning across all subjects. This results in better as well as more efficient learning.

Course Modules

Get to Know the Thinking Brain

In this module, we begin to explore what we know about how we learn, particularly the findings that every student should know to learn more effectively. We will demonstrate how can we optimize our learning process by learning the essential habits, techniques, and strategies that support successful learning.

The Root of Learning

Here, we explore the cognitive skills that we rely on to learn and begin to develop our awareness of the actual process of learning, which is our metacognition. We also begin to share proven strategies and techniques to enhance your ability to learn.

Learning: What Helps and What Hurts?

Here we compare the most common strategies for learning and studying to the most effective ones and show you how to monitor and control your learning, as well as how apply proven techniques to learn more efficiently and effectively. We will also separate the hype from science when it comes to learning.

Learning Strategies & Habits

This module is all about the habits that support the learning process. Learning requires effective planning, organization, time-management, impulse control, shifting, and other behaviors that are essential to academic success. These are called Executive Functions and they are critical to learning.

Mastering Memory

In this module you will acquire an invaluable set of tools to allow you to encode and retrieve information effectively. These tools will be enormously useful to help you study efficiently, amass knowledge, perform academically and be on your way to becoming a lifelong learner

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Blended Learning Course

The course is composed of micro-lessons that can be taught as a complement to our individualized programs that clinically target cognition to improve learning, or as a stand-alone course for credit (or a combination of both).

Instructors delivering the course to students undergo training and certification by COGx while receiving ongoing quality assurance support.

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