Programs for Partners

Programs for Partners

Partnering with leading cognitive scientists, subject matter experts, and academic institutions, COGx bridges the gap between research from the learning sciences and its application to the classroom. We provide educators with compelling research and insightful application to bolster teaching efficacy and improve their students’ ability to learn. 


  • Schools experience meaningful increases in academic performance and reduced failure rates
  • Educators teach with a deeper understanding of how their students learn, while applying proven strategies to enhance learning outcomes
  • Students develop into more confident and independent lifelong learners

Partner Benefits

  • A customized roll out of COGx services
  • Ongoing consulting during the adoption of the Science of Learning
  • Pace tailored to institution’s calendar and timeline
  • Live trainings to suit faculty prior knowledge and institutional goals
  • Independent measurement and assessment of impact

Professional Development for Educators - Science of Learning

Developing Sophisticated Learners

"The current approach to teaching is often disconnected from how students learn and causes too many students to drop-out, struggle, and/or work too hard to do well (Hynes, 2013)." There is a science to how we learn; which is rarely taught to educators. Our program, Developing Sophisticated Learners, provides asynchronous (75%) and synchronous (25%) online PD for educators that teaches how to apply science-based strategies to their teaching.

  • 12 Modules | Up to 45 hours of PD
  • Duration : Custom*
  • Price: $249**

*Program pace is tailored to institution’s calendar and timeline.
**Partner Schools and Colleges receive lower rates based on cohort size. Contact us to Learn more.

Companion Programs

Student Program on the Science of Learning

"The way students think they learn differs greatly from how they learn and as a result they rely on ineffective strategies to learn (Bjork, 2013)." Our courses for high-school and college students teach how to learn optimally and effectively. We recommend students complete the course in small cohorts to allow for peer discussion and collaboration.

  • 6 Modules | Approximately 9 hours*

*Program pace is tailored to institution’s calendar and timeline. Partner organizations receive lower rates based on student enrollment. Contact us to Learn more.

Learner Profile

The COGx Learner Profile is a report about an individual student’s cognitive skills, developed by The University of Pennsylvania Medical School, and metacognitive abilities. It allows educators to personalize learning and support each learner adequately.

  • Approximately 70 Minutes*

*Partner organizations rates are based on volume of learner profiles administered. Contact us to Learn more.

Individualized Programs

Our clinical programs train partner organizations in our proprietary methodology that targets cognition, develops metacognitive awareness, and teaches students to learn effectively. Trained educators are then able to meet with students in a one-on-one or small group setting and provide academic support and skill development.

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