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This summer, learn how to invigorate your lesson planning with science-based tools that enable your students to master what you teach. COGx programs on the Science of Learning leverage compelling research & focus on insightful application to improve academic performance.

Learn From Leading Experts on Human Learning

Global experts on human learning provide the scientific base of our content, while program facilitators and subject matter experts translate the science and guide application to your classroom.

COGx Summer PD Catalogue

Teach for Mastery

Why is most of what we learn forgotten? Why do students overestimate how well they know what you teach them? Gain a toolbox of strategies that will ensure your students remember what you teach them and can apply it to real-life.


Teach for Belonging

On average 1 out of 2 children suffer from trauma globally while student engagement decreases with every year of schooling. What does this mean for teaching and learning? Discover evidence-based methods to increase student engagement and foster student wellbeing.

Processing Skills & Learning Success

Now more than ever, it is a challenge to grab our oversaturated students' attention spans. Learn how to successfully capture your student's attention, adequately address processing speed, and target working memory effectively

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