Dr. Cindy Ward Sandler

“Since obtaining my Ph.D. in psychology in 1979, I have pursued my lifelong desire to help others reach their potential. I have sought effective interventions that improve learning by addressing cognition throughout my entire career.

In 2013 I began referring students to COGx and realized I had found a uniquely effective methodology. As a result, I decided to close a successful private practice in psycho-educational testing to help democratize access to COGx.”

“After about 6 years of frustration and pain regarding my child’s schooling, I have finally found a huge link that was missing.

Although the various schools provided a few strategies for him to compensate for his cognitive deficits he seemed stuck in the rut of merely learning by rote. There was no spark in him, no confidence, and no real growth in the areas where he was lacking. At times, I would despair, wondering what would happen to him in the future.

I know the provisions available through the schools–public, private, special needs, would help him a bit to move through the system in his education, but none of it would result in the real change I have witnessed in my son since he started individualized cognitive training with the COGx methodology.”

-Parent of COGx student, age 9”

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