COGx Launches WWHS Memory Program (Greater Washington DC)

“The memory techniques I learned from COGx have been extremely helpful in college. Enhancing my memory has improved my performance in classes and has drastically reduced the amount of time it takes me to study for tests. It is now much easier for me to recall the information I memorize, and I am better able to recall the information after much time has passed. I have been able to apply the memory techniques in nearly all of my classes (in multiple academic areas) — not only for memorizing definitions but also when learning diagrams, facts, paragraphs, and processes.”

I wish I had learned these memory techniques in high school! Using these techniques would have saved me hours of studying time and also would have helped me when I was preparing for all of my standardized tests.”

University of Virginia Freshman
WWHS ’16

Over the years COGx has had much success working with students from Walt Whitman High School, which led parents to request COGx programs to be more broadly available to its students and for teacher’s to increase their familiarity with the company’s methods to improve how they teach students in class.

In January of this year COGx led professional development workshops for all teachers at WWHS. The training was well received by the teachers and will be ongoing to ensure application.

During the month of February COGx conducted assessments for WWHS students interested in the group-based memory program.

In March, the students will start the inaugural COGx – WWHS Memory Enhancement Program taking place at the school for the next 3 months.