COGx partners with UCLA Bjork Lab

March 31st, 2022

COGx announced its partnership with the Bjork Learning & Forgetting Lab at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA.) This partnership enables COGx partner schools to measure the impact of adopting our Science of Learning programs on teaching and learning.

The Bjork Learning & Forgetting Lab was founded in 1979 by world-renowned experts on learning and memory, Drs. Robert and Elizabeth Bjork. The primary goal of the Bjork Lab is to apply cognitive psychology to enhance educational practice. Bjork’s research has identified fundamental learning principles that help educators, parents, and students understand how learning works and use that knowledge to be a sophisticated learner in and outside the classroom.

Drs. Robert & Elizabeth Bjork have received many honors and awards in their distinguished careers. In 2016, they both received the James McKeen Cattell Fellow Award which is a lifetime achievement award for their contributions toward improving learning to ultimately address societal issues. Recently, they received the 2020 APS Mentor Award for their work as co-directors of the Bjork Learning and Forgetting Lab as well as their work mentoring others throughout the years. Of the more than 80 honors, graduate, and postdoctoral students and scholars the Bjorks have co-mentored at UCLA, a staggering 70% have had successful academic careers in areas related to learning.