About COGx

COGx is a research and development firm in applied cognitive science dedicated to closing the gap between teaching and learning. We partner with organizations who strive to make teaching and learning more effective, efficient, and accessible. Our programs help school systems attract and retain educators empowered to thrive and students who can flourish, while improving learning outcomes.

Our Vision

An education wherein every student is taught how to learn efficiently, effectively and independently for life; while every educator is empowered to teach by mastering the science of learning.

Our Values

Mission Driven

We strive to make evidence-based approaches to teaching and learning equitably available to both educators and students, with an emphasis on democratizing access to high-quality programs for all.

Rooted in Scientific Research

We synthesize research on human learning. Thus far, we’ve meticulously translated ~1,300 scientific papers. Our solutions are co-created with world-renowned experts on human learning.

Fidelity in Implementation

COGx provides partners full access to our impact and outcomes metrics. We believe success is achieved when the ability to teach and learn is improved and capacity is carefully transferred to our partner organizations after demonstrating their impact when led by experts.

Close Collaboration

We partner with organizations who strive to make teaching and learning more effective, efficient, and accessible. We custom design and execute a plan to fit each organizations demographics, needs, and goals.

The Need...


Misconceptions about teaching and learning based on intuition have led to an epidemic of disengagement in schools (Evans, 2023), higher education (Chronicle of Higher Ed, 2022; NY Times, 2022), and the workplace (Society for HR Management, 2023).

How Schools Teach

The current approach to teaching is often disconnected from how students learn (Hynes, 2014). A global crisis is emerging of learners of all ages being unprepared for future employment and prosperity (UNICEF, 2022), increasing achievement and opportunity gaps (UNESCO, 2023) with “uneducated, uninspired, and unskilled” learners (UNICEF, 2022).

How Students Learn

Learning is a scientific process, and for students to learn optimally they must be taught (Bjork et al., 2013: Dunlosky 2021). This is true regardless of cognitive abilities and disposition towards learning. Students often use ineffective techniques such as highlighting and re-reading, with limited success. Such strategies are rooted in the misconception about learning (Bjork & Bjork, 2011).

A brief introduction to COGx