Skills for Learning: Encoding & Retrieval

Skills for Learning:

Encoding & Retrieval

What is Encoding & Retrieval?

Knowledge is a prerequisite for critical thinking, creativity and higher order thinking. We cannot amass knowledge without properly storing information in a way that is durable, flexible and reliable. Learning to encode and retrieve information is essential for this process. Memory is highly malleable and easily improved through the application of evidence-based techniques and strategies.

Our Solutions

1. COGx Professional Development - Empowering Educators to Teach for Mastery

Traditional instruction is focused on getting information into students’ brains. Compelling research reveals that pulling information out of the brain promotes deeper learning. Learn how to incorporate retrieval practice into your teaching. Teaching for mastery entails more than teaching your students to amass knowledge in a way that is durable and flexible. It includes principles of active teaching, formative assessment, failure and reflection, topics we cover in other modules of our educator PD.


What you will learn:

How to deliver information in a way that supports learning for mastery. The architecture of human memory and its importance to learning success. Commonly held illusions, misbeliefs, and memory myths that inhibit learning. 8 evidence-based techniques that help students encode information. The role of retrieval practice in forming durable and deep learning. 4 evidence-based retrieval strategies. Classroom strategies for integrating retrieval strategies into curriculum and lesson plans. How to activate prior knowledge.


How you will learn:

18 Video Micro Lessons from experts 9 Group Discussion Invitations 13 Visuals and Graphic Organizers 5 Application Guides Ongoing self-checks and application of concepts Direct access to your Program Leader Opportunities to give and receive feedback from your peers Teaching practice reflection Estimated time to complete: 6.5 hours

2. COGx Student Program - Empowering Students to Become Sophisticated Learners

The COGx program for students, Becoming a Sophisticated Learner, provides students with the foundational skills necessary to develop 21st century skills. Students master evidence-based techniques and strategies to process information effectively and for building reliable prior knowledge, which is a prerequisite for critical thinking, creative thinking and effective communication. Furthermore, students learn how to monitor, organize, self-regulate and adjust their learning (metacognition, executive function). Students are equipped to apply what they learn to their classes and studies and are as such prepared to succeed in school and beyond.

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