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Using our investigative insights and synthesized research, we co-develop tailored programs, with the world’s leading experts on human learning, to bridge gaps in teaching and learning.

#1 Transforming How We Teach

Program for Educators

This program teaches educators how students learn based on cognitive science. In a mix of online modules and workshops educators learn how to design and deliver curriculum so students actually learn. In addition, we offer shorter online and in-person programs about any of the topics in the larger program, including but not limited to: Wellbeing, Executive Function, Engagement, Attention.

Program for Leaders

This program prepares schools leaders to be an advocate for the Science of Learning and align instruction with learning science. In a mix of online modules and workshops, school leaders gain a high-level understanding of how students learn and a toolbox of methods to support faculty.

#2 Transforming How Students Learn

Program for Students

This program teaches students how people learn. We provide the curriculum (including materials) and support its delivery. Student learn how to use metacognitive, executive function and study strategies in their classrooms.

#3 Transforming Inclusion & Personalization

Learner Profile

This report describes an individual student’s cognitive skills (developed by The University of Pennsylvania Medical School) and metacognitive abilities. It helps educators personalize learning.

Individualized Learning Enhancement Programs

Our clinical programs target cognition, develop metacognitive awareness, and teach students how to learn. This is done in a one-to-one or a small group setting.

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