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A partnership with COGx results in a vibrant community committed to evidence-based learning & instruction.

Our Insights, Your Outcomes

We’ve learned more about the brain in the last 20 years than in all human history combined.  Our role is to help your organization apply this research to your specific context.  Together, we design a plan of action that honors your unique strategic goals, timeline, and norms. Organizations that partner with COGx develop a shared knowledge of insights from cognitive science that can be used to inform school decisions, curriculum planning, and daily instruction.  With COGx, your organization has unlimited access to professional development for teachers and programs for students.

Seamless Adoption

COGx does the heavy lifting. Careful planning and innovative design result in a seamless application of the Science of Learning.

Partner Rates

COGx is committed to democratizing access to the Science of Learning. As such, preferred rates are available for school systems.

Customized Programs

We design a tailored learning path that combines the right cadence, content, and support for your organization's needs.

Bonus Resources

Users are provided with lifetime access to additional resources that can be stored on their shelves or desktops for easy reference.

COGx Online Programs

Program for Educators

Our program, Developing Sophisticated Learners, was co-created with a team of global experts on the Science of Learning. It consists of 12 self-led modules, which are complemented with synchronous group collaboration, assignments, and workshops to support educators.

Short Programs for Educators

We also offer shorter programs. These programs are derived from the Developing Sophisticated Learners curriculum. Each consists of 3-4 self-led modules which are complemented with synchronous group collaboration, assignments, and workshops to support educators. 

Introduction to the Science of Learning

Get an overview of the Science of Learning including evidence-based teaching practices and strategies. Hone your teaching practice by learning proven techniques and ensure students leave your classroom prepared for the ever-changing job landscape.

Processing Information: Foundation to Learning

Learn how to capture your students’ attention, address processing speed, and unlock the gateway to learning - working memory. Gain a toolbox of strategies that can be applied to your teaching.

Support Executive Function

Why are some students impulsive and procrastinate, while others have difficulty planning and organizing? Crack the code of Executive Function and unlock your students’ full potential.

Teach for Mastery

Why is most of what we learn forgotten? Why do students overestimate how well they know what you teach them? Gain a toolbox of strategies that will ensure your students remember what you teach them and can apply it to real-life.

Metacognition & Feedback

Did you know that one of the most effective ways to improve academic performance is by strengthening metacognition? Learn the “ins and outs” of metacognition, metacognitive strategies to embed alongside instruction, and ways to provide effective feedback.

Teach for Belonging & Wellbeing

On average, 1 out of 2 children suffer from trauma globally while student engagement decreases with every year of schooling. What does this mean for teaching and learning? Discover evidence-based methods to increase student engagement and foster student wellbeing.

Address Cognitive Diversity

How do you effectively engage and teach your twice exceptional students? How about those with language processing disorders? Learn how your student’s cognitive profiles affect their learning in your classroom and what strategies and systems you can put into place to effectively teach your diverse learners.

In-Person & Virtual PD Workshops

We also offer customized workshops for your community on the topics listed above. Organizations may select the topics of interest, duration, desired date, and format (in-person or virtual).

Program for Students

Our program, Becoming A Sophisticated Learner, teaches students how the brain processes information and what behaviors promote optimal learning. It consists of 6 modules of active and collaborative learning. Each module is broken into 3 chapters which take approximately 20-50 minutes to complete. The minimum enrollment is one class (20 students). For a blended implementation, your educators receive a facilitator's guide that includes lesson plans and activities.

Program for Leaders

Our program, Distilling the Science of Learning, equips school leaders with the tools to align instruction with learning science. School leaders gain a high-level understanding of how students learn and a toolbox of methods to support faculty. The program consists of 4 self-led modules which can be completed in approximately 4 hours. School leaders are invited to attend a Mission Mapping workshop and up to 1 hour of personalized consulting. School leaders are prepared to advocate for the Science of Learning in their community.

Learner Profile

The COGx Online Learner Profile is a report about an individual student’s cognitive skills, developed by The University of Pennsylvania Medical School, and metacognitive abilities. It allows educators to personalize learning and support each learner adequately.

Individualized Learning Enhancement Programs

Our clinical programs train partner organizations in our proprietary methodology that targets cognition, develops metacognitive awareness, and teaches students to learn effectively. Trained educators are then able to meet with students in a one-on-one or small group setting and provide academic support and skill development.

COGx & UCLA Partnership for Impact

COGx programs are co-created with the world’s leading experts on human learning.​

The Bjork Learning & Forgetting Lab was founded in 1979 by world renowned experts on learning and memory, Drs. Robert and Elizabeth Bjork. The primary goal of the Bjork Lab is to apply cognitive psychology to enhance educational practice. Bjork's research has identified fundamental learning principles that help educators, parents, and students understand and leverage the science of learning in the classroom to improve student achievement.

Dr. Robert Bjork

Professor of Psychology, UCLA; Bjork Learning & Forgetting Lab

Dr. Elizabeth Bjork

Professor of Psychology, UCLA; Bjork Learning & Forgetting Lab

Drs. Robert & Elizabeth Bjork have received many honors and awards in their distinguished careers. In 2016, they both received the James McKeen Cattell Fellow Award which is a lifetime achievement award for their contributions toward improving learning to ultimately address societal issues. Recently, they received the 2020 APS Mentor Award for their work as co-directors of the Bjork Learning and Forgetting Lab as well as their work mentoring others throughout the years. Of the more than 80 honors, graduate, and postdoctoral students and scholars the Bjork’s have co-mentored at UCLA, a staggering 70% have had successful academic careers in areas related to learning.

COGx Measurement of Impact

COGx is delighted to partner with the Bjork Learning & Forgetting Lab at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA.) This partnership will enable schools  to measure the impact of adopting our Science of Learning programs on teaching and learning.

COGx Partner School Testimonials

Educators agreed or strongly agreed to “How likely are you to recommend this PD program to other educators?”.
Educators self-reported mastery for each of the program's learning objectives.
Across all modules, 95% of educators agreed or strongly agreed that “This module has provided me with valuable insights to improve learning outcomes for my students.”

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