Program for Leaders

Distilling the Science of Learning for School Leaders

Equip yourself with the tools to align instruction with learning science in your building. Learn how to be an effective change agent who shifts paradigms. Move innovation forward in a way that honors all constituents. Gain a high level understanding of how students learn and a toolbox of methods to support your faculty.


~ 4 hours

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What Leaders Learn

Discover each of our 4 Modules on the Science of Learning

Who Leaders Learn From

Learn from a team of global experts on the Science of Learning

How Leaders Learn

Explore how we apply what we teach to how we teach it

What Leaders Learn

Module 01

Developing Sophisticated Learners for Leaders

How is learning success defined at your school? Learn how to establish a community-wide definition of the knowledge and skills a graduate will possess. Meanwhile, identify organizational strengths, and set tangible goals for continued growth.

Module 02

Equitable Teaching

Learn how emotions influence specific cognitive domains critical for learning. Explore ways to inspire your faculty, cultivate intrinsic motivation, and create a community with a strong sense of inclusion and belonging.

Module 03

Effective Instruction

Align instruction with conditions for learning success to optimize academic performance. Understand the hierarchy of human learning, including attention, processing speed, and working memory. Define barriers for implementation, and explore possible solutions.

Module 04

Effective Learning

Develop a holistic understanding of learning including the skills and behaviors effective learners utilize. Form an understanding of metacognition, executive function, and long term memory, that will trickle down to faculty and students. Shift your community’s focus to mastery of content and skills.

Who Leaders Learn From: COGx Academic Partners

Partner Testimonials

How Leaders Learn: Research-Informed Instructional Design

We Practice What We Teach

Our programs incorporate the scientific principles of human learning into our instructional design. Learning is active, engaging, collaborative, and application-based.

COGx Learning & Development Representative

Learning & Development Representatives are assigned to support your learning journey. They monitor the Program and respond to your questions. You can also contact your respresentative for on-demand support.

Priming Activities

Priming quizzes and open-ended interrogatories are used to get learners to think about the subject matter they are about to learn.

Retrieval Practice

To foster durable, flexible, and enduring learning, we apply retrieval strategies throughout the program, including elaboration, spacing, self-testing, and interleaving.

Video Micro-Lessons

Video lessons are delivered by 12+ expert educators, and leading researchers experienced in the translation of research on the science of learning into classroom application.

Application Hour

COGx program leaders coach and guide School leaders through the process of adopting the Science of Learning in their building(s).

Discussion Boards

Modules include Discussion Forums to share ideas, collaborate, and provide and receive valuable peer feedback. Program Leaders are also constantly available seek clarity or ask a question on any topic throughout the learning journey.

Peer-Based Feedback & Reflection

Leaders receive and provide peers with feedback for deeper learning.

Academic Research on Teaching & Learning

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