About COGx

COGx is a research and development company in applied cognitive science. We develop programs that target cognition in order to enhance learning ability.

Our Services

Our programs target cognition to enhance learning for a broad range of student profiles and ages. We offer individualized programs, courses and professional development for educators.

Academic Partners

We rely on research insights from leading cognitive scientists, applied psychologists, educators and neuroscientists with whom we partner to develop and deliver our programs. 

Online PD: Science of Learning for Educators

Developing Sophisticated Learners is a comprehensive online 12 module program with synchronous and asynchronous elements that distills the science of learning for educators while ensuring a meaningful impact in the classroom. Expert facilitators provide educators guidance and feedback on application while they work alongside a community of peers that collaborate to share resources and insights.

The course is led by 12 world renowned learning scientists and subject matter experts. Upon completion of the course educators will be able to develop self-directed learners who understand the architecture of human learning and memory; have mastered evidence-based techniques and strategies to learn; and can monitor and control their own learning.

COGx Impact:

  • Schools experience meaningful increases in academic performance and reduced failure rates
  • Educators teach with a deeper understanding of how their students learn, while applying proven strategies to enhance learning outcomes

  • Students develop into more confident and independent lifelong learners

We also offer the following four online programs, which are asynchronous and derived from the curriculum of the Developing Sophisticated Learners course and modules:

  • COGx is the finest example I’ve encountered of cutting edge research applied to educational methodology.  All educators should be required to learn effective strategies to develop the foundational cognitive skills students need to engage in the critical thinking and creative problem solving that 21st century education demands.

    Sara Edward, Teacher with Masters in Education from Johns Hopkins University

  • As an educator, I am responsible for teaching students. Yet, in my own education and training to become a teacher I wasn’t prepared to succeed as a teacher because my own learning didn’t include any training on the science of human learning. COGx closes this gap for educators and does so effectively.

    COGx Partner School

  • Nothing else we have tried has delivered the kind of results COGx delivered to improve learning for our students.

    COGx Partner School

Case Studies

See how COGx programs for individualized cognitive enhancement are customized, clinical and accountable to delivering learning outcomes for diverse learners. 

Science of Learning

Learn about our online courses and professional development on the science of learning co-created with the world’s leading learning scientists.

Partner With Us

If your organization could benefit from including programs that improve learning outcomes, contact us to explore how we partner to support your success adopting COGx services.