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Optimize Learning Through Science

COGx distills and translates research from cognitive science into programs that improve outcomes for educators and students.

COGx Introduces $240,000 Scholarship to empower 2,000 students!

Bold Leadership

We develop your organization's capacity to adopt the science of learning.

Effective Educators

We equip educators with evidence-based teaching strategies.

Successful Learners

We empower students with knowledge about their brains and how people learn.

COGx Partner Testimonials

Our Academic Partners

We work with the world's leading researchers, cognitive scientists, applied psychologists, and educators to co-create our programs.

The Case for the Science of Learning in Schools

COGx's $240,000 Scholarship Fund

Equip your students with proven strategies for success, based on the science of learning. Secure your class’s spot in COGx Program: Becoming A Sophisticated Learner.