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Optimize Learning Through Science

COGx translates research from cognitive science into evidence-based programs that improve student learning outcomes.

Online Programs on the Science of Learning for Schools

for Educators

Compelling research and insightful application to bolster teaching efficacy.

for Leaders

Equips school leaders with the tools to align instruction with learning science.

for Students

Educates students on how people learn and equips them with evidence-based study strategies.

for Individuals

What every parent and individual should know about optimal learning.

For Learning Centers (In-person & Virtual)

Complement your organization’s services with COGx Student Programs. Raise learners’ foundational cognitive skills and self-awareness to support other services that you provide.


Tanto los programas de ciencia del aprendizaje de COGx (desarrollo profesional, programas para líderes y estudiantes) como el apoyo para nuestros asociados, está disponible en español e inglés

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The Case for the Science of Learning in Schools