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The Need for the Science of Learning

The Need

Misconceptions about teaching and learning based on intuition have led to an epidemic of disengagement in the workplace (Society for HR Management, 2023), higher education (Chronicle of Higher Ed, 2022; NY Times, 2022), and in schools (Evans, 2023). Corporations constantly onboard, train, upskill and reskill their workforce to stay competitive. Doing this effectively and efficiently is critical to your success. 
Because how we teach is usually disconnected from how we learn, corporate training programs benefit greatly from outsourcing “how they train” to ensure that their programs adhere to the science of learning. We’ve translated over 1,300 scientific papers encompassing 130 years of research on human learning to create the world’s most comprehensive set of principles, strategies, and techniques that should be embedded into your training programs and professional development. We’ve also mastered how to sustain this with technology cost effectively.

Meet Your Training Goals and Drive Success

Aligning Instruction With Learning
Assess & Propose

We start by understanding your needs and current approach in order to assess how we can optimize your current programs with the science of learning.


We implement a tailored solution to optimize all of your professional development and/or training programs to ensure they adhere to the science of learning: efficiently and effectively.


We provide ongoing support, which can include hosting of your private label solutions and/or constant reviews and/or support creating new training and professional development programs for your organization.

Our Approach

Evidence Based Instructional Design

COGx incorporates the scientific principles of human learning into your instructional design. We ensure learning is active, engaging, collaborative, and application-based. Invigorate your training programs and Professional Development with science-based tools that will enable your learner's to master what you teach. Carefully designed program elements ensures optimal learning.

Our Solution

How we’ll transform Instruction
Enhance Student Engagement and Understanding

We wave in different priming activities at appropriate junctures to signal important material and foster better learning.

Sustain Attention and Improve Memory

Using prediction, purposeful novelty, and cues that denote importance to capture and maintain students' attention, we'll ensure active processing and retention of key information.

Prevent Cognitive Overload

Simplify the learning experience by introducing complex ideas gradually, making it easier for students to absorb and retain information.

Strengthen Long-Term Retention

Through implementation of frequent, spaced retrieval practice we help learners combat forgetting and reinforce learning.

Shift from Sequential Learning

We challenge the learners brain and strengthen memory associations by alternating between subjects and/or tasks appropriately.

Deepen Conceptual Understanding

By encourage students to generate and elaborate on information, we ensure they make connections to deepen their understanding.

In Partnership With Experts on Learning Science from...

COGx has been devoted to translating scientific research and evidence-based practice into accessible programs. They are rigorous in their approach and committed to applying research findings and evidence with fidelity. As a result, they are making great strides in changing the status quo in education to one that embraces scientific research on learning.

Professor Robert Bjork
COGx Academic Partner & Professor of Psychology, UCLA; Bjork Learning & Forgetting Lab

Our Global Impact

By the Numbers
COGx is the finest example I’ve encountered of cutting edge research applied to educational methodology. All educators should be required to learn effective strategies to develop the foundational cognitive skills students need to engage in the critical thinking and creative problem solving that 21st century education demands.
Sara Edward EdD.
Educator, United States
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COGx is proud to have collaborated with over 20 countries adopting to local language and culture.

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While 88% participants achieved mastery. The COGx approach ensured over 90% completed our programs.

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