Awards & Collaborations

Awards & Collaborations

COGx recognized as the world’s top Science of Learning solution

COGx was named as the world’s top Science of Learning solution at the 2023 Reimagine Education Awards, sponsored by Wharton University and QS. The event recognized COGx's commitment to advancing scientific, humanistic, and critical theoretical understanding of learning while contributing to the evolution of innovative instructional methodologies. COGx emerged as a standout choice, among 1200+ entries, impressing a panel of 600 judges and 25 grand judges over four rounds of evaluation.

Recognized as a 'Leading EdTech Innovator' at the LatinX EdTech Summit - 2023

In June, 2023 COGx was selected leading EdTech innovator to advance learning success at the LatinX conference. The Summit's mission is to support teaching and learning by connecting innovative edtech companies, teachers, and education leaders so they can develop sustainable ways to close the digital divide.

COGx + Bjork Learning & Forgetting Lab at UCLA

Over the years, COGx has collaborated with the world's leading experts on human learning to co-create programs that enhance learning. Among these, Professors Robert & Elizabeth Bjork have consistently supported COGx with their expertise. In 2022, we proudly built upon our relationship by formalizing a partnership the Bjork Learning & Forgetting Lab at UCLA. Our shared purpose it to help our partners have an expert and objective resource to design and measure the impact of our programs.

Turning an Ocean Liner: Why Is Change In Schools So Hard?

Panelists Richard Lemons & Javier Arguello discuss the persistent challenges hindering substantial improvements in the K-12 education system. The discussion is moderated by Susanna Brock (Director of Research & Development, COGx).

Schooling as if Learning Mattered Part II: Overcoming the Impact of COVID-19 to Modernize Teaching & Learning

Learn from a distinguished panel of "disruptors" discussing innovation in education and the limitations of our status quo. The discussion is moderated by Javier Arguello (COGx Founder and Yale ’03).

COGx selected by Stanford Graduate School of Business to scale successful online programs on the Science of Learning

In 2021 COGx was selected to the Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Education Scaling Program (SLEI) - a collaboration between Stanford GSB Executive Education and the Latino Business Action Network (LBAN). The selection is based on the recognition of COGx's track record of innovation, growth, integrity, and commitment to serving the needs of students in marginalized communities.

Schooling as if Learning Mattered Part I: Addressing Learning Loss Through the Science of Learning

Learn from a panel of experts in education as they discuss traditional schooling and how to modernize it for the 21st century. The discussion is moderated by Javier Arguello (COGx Founder and Yale ’03).

COGx selected as one of 8 global innovators in Education

The Dubai Future Foundation selected COGx in 2020 for its track record and promise in helping modernize education through the effective use of technology and cognitive science research and application. COGx was the only company selected from the Western Hemisphere among hundreds of companies evaluated.

Inclusive Education Network Podcast in Southern California

Inclusive Education Project is a non-profit led by Vickie Brett and Amanda Selogie, a team of civil rights attorneys on a mission to educate and empower our community to ensure all children are given equal opportunities to educational services. The podcast, titled “Cognition & Academic Excellence” explains some common misconceptions about learning struggles and gaps in the educational system to serve students adequately.

World Bank President & COGx Featured in Dubai

World Bank President Jim Yong Kim launches the Global Education Platform at the World Government Summit. COGx Executive Director, Javier Arguello, is invited to speak at the event. After the presentation Dubai Eye interviews Javier Arguello to get his reaction on the platform launched by Mr. Kim.

COGx featured in President's Innovation Leadership Initiative

Montgomery College, based in the State of Maryland (United States), is an open access public education institution with nearly 50,000 students enrolled. Every year the college selects an innovative initiative to pursue, which can be implemented with an industry partner. COGx was invited and featured as an innovative solution improving teaching and learning outcomes for the students.

Learning Science: Bridge to 21st Century Skills

COGx was among a select list of companies invited to present on the Future of Education to a global audience of government leaders, policymakers at the World Government Summit in Dubai in 2018.

Prime Minister's Office, Dubai

"Excellent scientific understanding about learning and academic performance. Enjoyed the clarity of the presentation as well as the honesty about what can be done to modernize the education system to improve learning for all."

Government (State of Maryland) Venture Capital Fund Invests in COGx

After a year of due diligence evaluating COGx programs/methodology, evidence-base, outcomes/impact, research-base and academic links to research COGx built since its inception, the State of Maryland's venture capital arm (TEDCO) invested in COGx to help it develop technology to scale/support partners globally.

Founder of COGx on Cognition, Learning & ADHD

In this TEDx from 2013, Javier advocates for schools to adopt universal access to cognitive assessments to understand how our student’s learn and as a prerequisite to teaching. Once we understand their unique learning profile, we can effectively address their learning differences.

Areas of Expertise

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Scientific Principles of Learning

With a vastly improved understanding of how we learn we have consensus amongst researchers on the scientific principles underpinning learning success. By better understanding these principles, we are able to become more effective, life-long learners. These principles underlie the way we process and store information, as well as the way we manage, analyze, and apply the information we’ve learned. These principles have important implications for the way we teach, as well as a student’s ability to manage and optimize his or her own learning. Learn insights for educators to improve their teaching practice and for students to master their own learning success.

Optimizing Learning: Separating Hype from Science

Scientists are innately skeptical while parents and clients are usually optimistic particularly when it comes to the promise of improved brain function, which is why marketing can seek to capitalize on consumer vulnerability. We’ve learned more about the brain in the past couple of decades than in all of human history combined, which has led to the proliferation of companies claiming to do miracles through brain training. Learn to identify bogus claims, learn about what is scientifically possible, what ingredients are necessary for a program to work and how to evaluate a programs effectiveness.

Memory Enhancement

Memory is essential to learning and better memory is easily attainable and sustainable through proper teaching of technique, drilling of exercises and coaching to apply / generalize the gains. Despite the scientific knowledge supporting the ability to improve memory, why isn’t memory training more common? This is particularly important for students, patients recovering from illness or injury, relevant to most professions and of benefit to our personal relationships. Most of us grew up tasking our memory without thinking about improving our memory. learn about the various types of memory, how we use these in various settings and how we can improve memory.

GTLD: Twice Exceptional Learners

Many people do not realize that a child can be gifted and also have learning disabilities. As a result, children with special needs that result from both their high abilities and their learning struggles are rarely identified and are often poorly served. The gifts of twice-exceptional students often remain invisible to teachers and sometimes even parents. In fact, it is common for a student to be both bored and frustrated, while only one of these symptoms is visible. More can often be done to cultivate the learning of twice-exceptional students, leading them to uncover strengths while helping to remediate a struggle that may be holding them back. Learn how to identify and better serve twice-exceptional students.

Cognitive Remediation: What Works and When

Frontal lobe injuries are among the most common for brain injury patients, affecting: attention, working memory, processing speed and executive function abilities. How effective are common ABI treatments at restoring these after injury? How well do treatments target these cognitive skills given what we know is scientifically possible to accomplish? Learn what constitutes an effective intervention for treating/restoring cognitive impairments that affect executive function, attention, working memory and processing speed.

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