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Dive into the art and science of effective learning with our tailored programs designed to empower both educators and students alike. Explore the latest research-backed strategies, techniques, and tools to enhance learning outcomes and unleash your full potential. Choose the program that suits your role and embark on a transformative journey toward mastering the science of learning.

COGx has been devoted to translating scientific research and evidence-based practice into accessible programs. They are rigorous in their approach and committed to applying research findings and evidence with fidelity. As a result, they are making great strides in changing the status quo in education to one that embraces scientific research on learning.

Professor Robert Bjork
COGx Academic Partner & Professor of Psychology, UCLA; Bjork Learning & Forgetting Lab

For Educators

Introduction to the Science of Learning™

Get an overview of the Science of Learning including evidence-based teaching practices and strategies. Hone your teaching practice by learning proven techniques and ensure students leave your classroom prepared for the ever-changing job landscape.

Teach for Mastery™

This program fills a common gap in teacher training, how do people learn? Gain a toolbox of strategies that will ensure your students remember what you teach them well beyond their time in your classroom.

For Students Preparing for College

College Readiness: Building A Bridge to Success

A comprehensive program that not only prepare more students for success in pursuing a 4-year degree but also equip them with the skills needed to thrive in the competitive workforce. This online program equip students with essential skills for effective learning.

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