Online PD : Introduction to the Science of Learning

Introduction to the Science of Learning


It seems like all industries are focused on using research to support practice, and education is one of them. Join the humming community of research-informed educators around the world and elevate your teaching. This program provides an overview of the Science of Learning including evidence-based teaching practices and strategies. Hone your teaching practice by learning proven techniques and ensure students leave your classroom prepared for the ever-changing job landscape.

Introduction to the Science of Learning
Duration: 7 Hours

Upcoming Start Dates: 

Grade Level: PK-12

Course Format: Online Self-Paced

Credits: COGx offers credits accepted by most state education departments and school districts. Check if your state requires a special approved provider status.

What You Learn

What is the Science of Learning

Applying Research Findings to Enhance Student Learning

Improving Learning Outcomes with Learning Science

Maximizing Multimedia for Learning Success

Fostering Transferable Knowledge: Teaching for Real-World Application

Introduction to Neuroplasticity and Metacognition

Dispelling Learning Myths: Understanding How People Learn

Who You Learn From

Global experts on human learning provide the scientific base of our content, while program facilitators and subject matter experts translate the science and guide application to your classroom.

Robert Bjork

Professor of Psychology, UCLA

Elizabeth Bjork

Professor of Cognitive Psychology, UCLA

Linda Darling Hammond

Professor Emeritus, Stanford University

How You Learn: Evidence Based Instructional Design

We Practice What We Teach: Our programs incorporate the scientific principles of human learning into our instructional design. Learning is active, engaging, collaborative, and application-based. Invigorate your lesson planning with science-based tools that will enable your students to master what you teach.

What Educators are Saying

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