Skills for Learning: Attention

Skills for Learning:


What is Attention?

Attention is a core cognitive skill that requires you to selectively and continuously concentrate while ignoring other information. It is our attention that allows us to focus on a given number of items for a given period of time. For example, we can concentrate for a long period of time ignoring all distractions, shift between two items, attend to two or more items simultaneously.

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Our Solutions

1. COGx Professional Development - Empowering Educators to Capture & Sustain Student Attention

An educator’s success is mediated by the functioning of their students’ cognitive skills, as they rely upon these to learn the material. As educators, understanding attention is the first step in identifying support for your students. As with any other cognitive skill, attention witnesses varying levels across individuals and, therefore, figuring out what makes each and every one of your students pay attention is challenging. COGx Educator Program draws insights from the science of learning to teach how to capture, keep, and gauge student attention.


What you will learn:

The 3 core cognitive skills essential for processing information. How to identify a weakness in these skills. The 4 types of attention. Common causes of inattention. Strategies to capture your students' attention.


How you will learn:

7 Video Micro Lessons from experts 6 Group Discussion Invitations 3 Visuals and Graphic Organizers 2 Application Guides Ongoing self-checks and application of concepts Direct access to your Program Leader Opportunities to give and receive feedback from your peers Teaching practice reflection Estimated time to complete: 3.5 hours

2. COGx Student Program - Empowering Students to Become Sophisticated Learners

The COGx program for students, Becoming a Sophisticated Learner, provides students with the foundational skills necessary to develop 21st century skills. Students master evidence-based techniques and strategies to process information effectively and for building reliable prior knowledge, which is a prerequisite for critical thinking, creative thinking and effective communication. Furthermore, students learn how to monitor, organize, self-regulate and adjust their learning (metacognition, executive function). Students are equipped to apply what they learn to their classes and studies and are as such prepared to succeed in school and beyond.

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