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Teach for Mastery


Scientists have learned more about the brain in the last 10 years than in all previous centuries. Some of the research findings support ways we teach and learn instinctively, and others are quite surprising! For example, focusing on pulling information out of the brain is an effective method to store information long term. Furthermore, we actually want students to forget a little bit before revisiting the material again. This program fills a common gap in teacher training, how do people learn? Gain a toolbox of strategies that will ensure your students remember what you teach them well beyond their time in your classroom.

Teach for Mastery

Duration: 10 Hours

Upcoming Start Dates: 
Grade Level: PK-12

Course Format: Online Self-Paced

Credits: COGx offers credits accepted by most state education departments and school districts. Check if your state requires a special approved provider status.

What You Learn

The Architecture of Human Memory in Learning

Organizing Lessons to Enhance Student Retention

Memory Myths and Misbeliefs in Learning

Evidence-Based Memory Techniques for Students

Retrieval Strategies for Deeper Learning

Integrating Retrieval Strategies in the Classroom

Teaching Methods for Enhancing Student Recall

How You Learn: Evidence Based Instructional Design

We Practice What We Teach: Our programs incorporate the scientific principles of human learning into our instructional design. Learning is active, engaging, collaborative, and application-based. Invigorate your lesson planning with science-based tools that will enable your students to master what you teach.

Who you learn from:

Global experts on human learning provide the scientific base of our content, while program facilitators and subject matter experts translate the science and guide application to your classroom.

Elizabeth Bjork

Professor of Cognitive Psychology, UCLA

Peling Li

Curriculum Designer & Adjunct Faculty, Johns Hopkins University

Robert Bjork

Professor of Psychology, University of California

Jarrett Lovelett

PhD Candidate University of California San Diego

Javier Arguello
Javier Arguello

Founder & Executive Director, COGx

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