Group Memory Enhancement

Group-Based Learning Enhancement Program

We process information constantly but are rarely taught how to do so efficiently. Students who excel know how to learn optimally because they have been afforded opportunities to learn how and when to apply the right techniques and strategies. This program does just that by pairing small groups of high-school level students with a COGx certified expert who develops students into master learners.

Program Benefits: Skills Developed for Learning Optimally

Science-based Techniques

Memory is improved by mastering evidence-based techniques and strategies essential to proper encoding and retrieval of learned information. The goal of your program will be to gain mastery of these techniques, along with the ability to apply these techniques with fluidity towards how you learn.

Clinical Gains

Based on our experience, we expect that participants with average memory (between the 40th and 60th percentile) should finalize the program in the 90th percentile (top 10% for their peer group) granted that you show-up to the program and exert consistent and intentional effort.

Improved Metamemory

Metamemory refers to your knowledge and awareness of your own memory and how it works. Training will not only lift your raw memory skills but will also strengthen and refine your ability to monitor the process of storing and retrieving memories.

Improved Speed & Focus

Memory training requires great focus throughout each session. Over the course of training, your stamina and ability will improve with sustained effort. Your speed will also improve as it pertains to your ability to work through information quickly and efficiently.

Confidence & Motivation

Training will help you realize where your strengths and weaknesses lie and will give you the tools to work through things that may be difficult for you. If your memory is already in a great place, memory training is a great way to hone your skills and set some ambitious goals for yourself, academically an otherwise. With dedication, you can even bring your memory to the level of professional memory athletes and pursue memory as a rewarding hobby.


COGx Program Alumna:

“Having gone through COGx training, I feel there is nothing my brain cannot learn. I was not particularly motivated towards my academics before, but I never realized how strong my memory could be. I realized that my memory was not weak in the first place, but I was not using it to its potential. Now, I keep trying to challenge myself with more and more information, and I’m even planning to compete in a Memory Championship one day.” Tara K. - COGx Alumna & Columbia University Graduate

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does it Work?

Students enrolled in a COGx partner school are matched with a COGx certified professional for a set number of weeks, during which students begin with the drill and practice of memory techniques to the point of mastery. Once mastered, students will learn how and when to apply these techniques to everyday life/academics.

How is Progress Measured?

COGx offers a clinical and independent memory evaluation to determine a student’s baseline prior to the start of training. Progress is then tracked by the trainer over the course of the program. A post-evaluation is then offered to measure these gains.

What’s the First Step?

The first step is to contact the COGx manager at your school to schedule a time to speak and/or schedule your assessment.


Our only prerequisite is that the student is motivated (or open to being motivated)! We cannot achieve their goals without them.

How Long are Programs?

Programs are shaped around your goals, which dictate how often we meet and for how long. However, a program focused exclusively on memory typically ranges from 30-70 hours. This range reflects rate of progress as well as what you want to achieve.

Should I Enroll as an Individual or in a Group?

Whether the student enrolls as an individual or as a group depends on his or her “baseline” and what you want to achieve. If memory is weak and/or the student could benefit from one-on-one attention, enrolling as an individual may be best. Alternatively, enrolling as a group provides a cost-effective, challenging, dynamic opportunity to work hard and get from good to great.

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