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We've compiled a list of answers to common questions on COGx Online PD Program.

The Science of Learning is a collection of findings from the field of cognitive science that explain how people learn. The findings are gathered by researchers and academics and are relevant to educators who are constantly shaping the minds and mindsets of their students every day.

The program is designed for educators who have completed a college degree and have some experience serving learners ages 5 – adult around the world. The program is developed in English, but many elements are accessible in other languages, such as Spanish and Arabic.

This program is comprehensive and dynamic. Educators are exposed to current and timeless research from academics in one, organized place. Along the way, educators are offered both independent and collaborative learning opportunities to apply their new knowledge directly to their individual classroom setting. 


Unlike other MOOC courses, the program is designed to utilize the scientific principles of learning that are being taught for durable and flexible learning, such as retrieval practice, multimodal content, peer interaction, and more. Additionally, partnering institutions receive support from the COGx team in customizing program implementation for maximum impact across participating faculty.


View our Program Elements that support durable and flexible learning.

The course is taught by a combination of Guest Experts and a Program Leader. The guest experts include both academic research partners and practitioners in relevant fields, such as Human Learning & Memory, Neuropsychology, Childhood Development, Educational Equity, Education Policies, and more. In video micro-lessons, these global experts on human learning provide the scientific base of our content and guide application to your classroom. 


The Program Leader provides support and can be contacted throughout the program, including communication through the program’s Learning Management System and live meetings.

Meet our Guest Experts.

Yes. Upon completion of the program, educators receive a Program Completion Certificate that confirms the hours commitment in completing the COGx Professional Development Program on the Science of Learning. 


COGx has also partnered with various states across the United States to ensure that educators earn continuing education units (CEUs) or continuing education credits (CECs) upon completion of the program. Contact us at support@cogx.info for more details.

Educators can use this program as an opportunity to grow their professional network, gain intellectual capital from experts, practice applying the science of learning to the classroom environment, and earn a Program Completion Certificate and potential CEUs/CECs that can be shared on their resume and social networking sites.

Program Content and Resources

There are 12 modules that cover various topics on Developing Sophisticated Learners through the application of principles from the Science of Learning (e.g., attention, memory, feedback, and more).

Read more about the topics included in the 12 modules.

Absolutely. We have dedicated the final module of the program to understanding cognitive diversity and developing an equitable practice for accommodating various learners in the classroom.

Both. The module content, including text, videos, discussions, and activities, are asynchronous so that learners can work within their own schedule. However, six synchronous Application Hour meetings set the pace of the program and offer opportunities for live engagement with the Program Leader and small group collaboration on applying the program content to the classroom.

Yes, there are opportunities for asynchronous peer discussions throughout the program modules on discussion boards and forums. There are also six synchronous Application Hour meetings that involve small group collaboration in applying program content to the classroom. Four peer-reviewed assignments scheduled across the program provide opportunities for peer-feedback related to implementing program content in lesson plans.

Program Logistics

Users require access to a computer and internet connection sufficient for browsing and live video meetings.

Each module contains 3 – 6 chapters that can be completed in 20 – 60 minute chunks of time. Overall, the total investment to complete the program is about 45 hours, including ~35 hours of self-led, asynchronous e-learning and ~10 hours of assignments and Application Hour meetings to support deep learning. This time commitment is generally spread out across a minimum of 9 months, but pacing can be customized for partner institutions.

Users can access the content for 12 months following the Start Date of their program. After that time participants will join an alumni platform where they can collaborate with peers and exchange resources for application.

If you are interested in enrolling at the school or district level, simply leave your details here to Start a Partnership. Or if you have any other questions not answered here, please email us at support@cogx.info

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