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Becoming a Sophisticated Learner


Our program, Becoming a Sophisticated Learner, provides students with a User’s Guide to learning and the brain. We teach students how the brain processes information and what behaviors promote optimal learning. Graduates of this program will have an arsenal of science-based tools that enable them to monitor their learning and master what they are taught. The program consists of 6 modules of active and collaborative learning. It is complemented with live classes that support students through guided practice. There is a version designed specifically for students in late middle and high school and another for college students.

How Students Learn

Program Leaders answer questions and lead the live classes.
Interaction with other students on discussion boards and during live classes.
Students learn from other people’s stories and share their own experiences.
Priming activities act like movie trailers. They prime (or prepare) students' brains for learning and make it easier to understand the material later on.
Students watch video micro-lessons make the information come alive.
Application guides are study guides. Students can print them out or store them on their computer for easy reference.
Students engage their creative side while writing and making videos.
When we study, we try to get information into our brain. Ironically, an effective way to do this is to pull information out of our brain is effective.
Students make meaning of what they're learning and understand themselves as a learner through reflection.
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What Students Learn

Module 01

Learning is something you will do for life, during and after your academic career. There is a proper way to learn efficiently and effectively. Learn about the common misconceptions of learning and some basic necessities for learning to occur.

Module 2

Have you ever wondered how people truly master a topic? Learning is an emotional and cognitive process. Discover how to manage challenging emotions and become aware of your mindset related to learning. Uncover the habits of mind and routines to discover what is possible for you.

Module 3

Mastering Memory I
Do you often re-read, highlight, underline and/or forget what you study? Have you ever crammed before a test? Studies show that the most commonly used strategies to study are the most ineffective ones for durable learning. Learn the basics of how memory works and strategies to facilitate acquiring and applying information.

Module 4

Mastering Memory II
Learn to study smarter and not harder! Compelling research reveals that certain encoding techniques and retrieval strategies improve learning dramatically. Continue to develop your ability to acquire knowledge using proven techniques that facilitate the encoding, storage and recall of new information.

Module 5

Executive Function: Prepare for Learning
You are expected to pay attention in class, organize the materials and content, and ultimately use it in and out of the classroom. Yet, rarely are we taught to do this effectively or consciously. Learn about the monitoring and managing skills needed before learning activities occur.

Module 6

Metacognition: The Sophisticated Learner's Superpower
Learning does not stop once an activity is complete. In fact, the cyclical nature of improving on skills is critical to transferring knowledge to other contexts. Learn about the monitoring and managing skills needed after learning activities occur. Finish strong and set yourself up for success next time.

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