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Turning an Ocean Liner: Why Is Change In Schools So Hard?

December 13th, 2021 | 5:00 – 6:15 pm EST


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Common & Persistent Challenges:

The current approach to teaching is often disconnected from how students learn and causes too many students to drop-out, struggle, and/or work too hard to do well (Hynes, 2014). This in turn, inhibits interest and careers in STEM, which are often perceived to be “too hard” by students or “for smart kids”. Engagement decreases steadily from elementary school through high school (Gallup, 2016), impacting students’ ability to succeed academically.

Learning is a scientific process, and for students to learn optimally they must be taught (Bjork et al., 2013). This is true regardless of cognitive abilities and disposition towards learning. Students often use ineffective techniques such as highlighting and re-reading, with limited success. Such strategies are rooted in the misconception about how they learn (Bjork & Bjork, 2011).

Questions Addressed in the Webinar:

  • What does a successful education achieve and how do we measure that? 
  • What’s missing from our traditional model of teaching and learning today?
  • Why is this missing or difficult to implement in our school system? (resistance to change, innovate, modernize)
  • How can you equip teachers to make positive changes in their classrooms? What knowledge base should they have and what responsibility is theirs for adjusting instruction for their specific school?
  • How can students be encouraged to make changes in their own behaviors so that they can benefit the most from their time in school? 
  • How do you help organizations make change when they have limited capacity/time? What must be tailored to each educational institution? 
  • What most resonates in your Science of Learning training with educators? What surprises them?
  • Inequity & Innovation: Is innovation less penetrable where it is needed most? Where is the status quo most pervasive and why?

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