Javier Arguello

Javier Arguello

Founder and Executive Director, COGx


Javier is the Founder and Executive Director of COGx, a research and development firm in applied cognitive science. In partnership with global experts on human learning, COGx translates learning science into evidence-based programs that improve teaching and learning. COGx works with school systems and organizations that strive to make learning success a priority and are interested in improving traditional schooling through science-based approaches that foster equity, digital inclusion, and develop lifelong learners. Javier leads product development the organization’s global strategic partnerships. COGx has been recognized as a leading company innovating to improve learning outcomes by the US Government (TEDCO), and Ministry of Education in United Arab Emirates (Dubai Future Accelerator) and Stanford University (SLEI). Javier is a frequent speaker on the topic of modernizing education, addressing the needs of marginalized communities, cognition and learning and translating cognitive science research to improve learning outcomes. Javier has published over 40 articles and essays and presented at the numerous global conferences including: TEDx; World Government Summit; BETT Education Conference (Asia); Learning & the Brain (US); Future of Education & Technology (US); ECIS (Europe); AMISA & ASOMEX (Latin America); Middle East Special Needs Conference; Festival of Learning (Abu Dhabi); Global Positive Education Conference, among others. Javier has also been interviewed by CNN and other global news outlets.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Graduate Research Fellow, Cognitive Science; Harvard Kennedy School (MPA); Yale University (MBA)

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