How We Partner With Colleges

How We Partner With Colleges

Site License Model

Faculty and Student Access to all COGx programs

What if your community of administrators, professors and students could gain access to 130+ years of research on what drives excellence in teaching and learning -distilled by the world's leading experts on human learning? What if that research was translated into evidence-based and application ready programs that you could make accessible to them on demand? Discover the ultimate flexibility with our Site License Model. An annual membership fee ensures unparalleled access to all our programs for a fraction of the cost without sacrificing results. Whether you're looking to onboard new professors who are set-up to succeed, provide ongoing PD to your faculty so they can align their teaching to evidence-based approaches that foster mastery, or empower your students to become self-directed learners, you'll be able to do it all on your schedule and under budget.

Comprehensive Program Access

Gain entry to a wide array of programs designed to meet diverse interests and needs of educators and students.

Customizable Options

Tailor your membership to align with your community’s specific objectives, ensuring a perfect fit.

Expert Support

Benefit from tailored support to maximize the full potential of your membership.

Exclusive Opportunities

Take advantage of special events, workshops, and resources available only to members.

The Implementation

Seamlessly Adopt COGx Programs with Exclusive Access


Exclusive Access

Exclusive access to COGx programs is created in our LMS (Canvas) in your own instance and private labeled or expertly transferred to your LMS of choice.



Internal Capacity

COGx offers complementary training to transfer capacity with fidelity to a team within your college, fostering internal expertise and enhancing operational flexibility.


Launch & Scale

Your college determines when to initiate COGx programs, ensuring the provision of tailored and differentiated support as per its unique needs and objectives.


Ongoing Support

Maintain a cadre of experts within your college who are fully supported by COGx with access
to new programs and ongoing

The Benefits of a Site License Membership

Complemented with Premium Support
Site License Model
A Personalized Learning Platform For Your College
Custom Pricing
  • COGx Programs exclusive to your community of faculty & students
  • Enrollment at 80%+ Discount
  • 100+ Video Micro Lessons led by world's leading experts on the science of learning
  • 30+ Application Guides
  • Alumni Practitioner's Platform
  • Peer-Based Feedback & Reflection
  • Badges & Certificates
  • Webinars Exclusive for Members
  • Annual Impact Report (Optional)
On Demand Premium Support
Complementary Support
  • Application Hours: Expert led coaching and guidance to support self-directed learning are held during PD to allow educators to clarify any questions about the program content
  • Expert Coaching: Program Leaders may be assigned to support your learning journey. They monitor the Program and respond to your questions. You can also contact your Program Leader directly through the LMS.
  • Grading of Assignments: COGx Programs leaders can be assigned to grade assignments (in the LMS) and ensure participants meet pre-defined criteria to obtain credentials and master the content they are taught.

Our Global Impact

By the Numbers
COGx is the finest example I’ve encountered of cutting edge research applied to educational methodology. All educators should be required to learn effective strategies to develop the foundational cognitive skills students need to engage in the critical thinking and creative problem solving that 21st century education demands.
Sara Edward EdD.
Educator, United States
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COGx is proud to have collaborated with over 20 countries adopting to local language and culture.

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Participants highly recommend COGx Science of Learning Programs to others.

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While 88% participants achieved mastery. The COGx approach ensured over 90% completed our programs.


Find quick answers to common questions and learn more about our services.
What is included with a site license?

Site licenses provide complete access to all COGx programs (intellectual property) exclusively for faculty and students at your college/university. The site license is for 7 years and includes access to updates and new programs developed by COGx.

What factors determine the annual cost for licensing the IP?

The annual licensing cost is a function of enrollment potential (number of faculty and students) and hosting/LMS.

What is the enrollment cost for each program?

The Student Program as well as each of the 7 Professional Development Programs cost $150 per participant. This cost is reduced by at least 80% through a site license

How long does the Educator PD program take?

Each of the 7 PD programs range from 7-10 hours in duration. The administrator's program (Distilling the Science of Learning) can be completed in 4 hours of self-led instruction and can be complemented with a synchronous mission-mapping session.

How long does the Student Program take?

The program takes 12-14 hours to complete. Students typically complete it in one semester.

How will progress be measured?

Leadership is provided with an analytics report that includes data on engagement, mastery of concepts and application, and professor reflections and feedback.

Will we be learning with other colleges or universities?

Programming is custom for your university and cohorts are exclusive to your faculty and students.

How can we continue the momentum?

Program alumni receive resources and strategies for ongoing application and guidance via the Alumni Practitioner’s Platform.

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