COGx $240,000 Scholarship Fund

COGx Funds a $240,000 Scholarship

to empower 2,000 students ( Ages 13 - adults) to be successful learners

– Applications Closed – 

COGx is offering a course, Becoming a Sophisticated Learner, on the Science of Learning for 2,000 students. The program teaches how the brain processes information and what behaviors promote learning. Educators will enroll their students at a discounted rate and join our colleague, Blake Harvard, in a cohort of other like-minded educators inspired to equip students with strategies for success in high school and beyond.

Most common study strategies used by students are proven to be ineffective by research.

Are you an educator interested in teaching students about the science of learning? Do your students know how the brain processes information and what behaviors promote learning?

COGx Online Student Course

Becoming a Sophisticated Learner

This program consists of 6 modules of self-led, active, and collaborative online learning. Your students will have the opportunity to:

About the Scholarship


Students are free to work at their own pace. There are 6 modules, 3 chapters in each module. Each chapter generally takes 20 to 50 minutes to complete.


Each school will pay $30 per student. Usually, our student program rate is $150 per student. Right now, COGx will cover 80% of the cost for the first 1000 students to enroll through qualified educators.

How to Apply

Application process is rolling. First round of applications closes December 17th. Apply below and we will get back to you in 2 weeks. There will be another round in March.

Not sure how to ask your admin? We created this letter to streamline the process for you.

Have any questions? Join us on an online info session.

Blake Harvard

Blake Harvard is a COGx Lead educator with over 15 years of teaching experience. He currently teaches AP Psychology at James Clemens High School in Madison, Alabama. Blake is the creator of The Effortful Educator, an online blog that discusses and highlights articles and research in the area of cognitive psychology that can easily be applied in the classroom. The Effortful Educator Twitter platform is a remarkable community of 12k educators interacting and sharing practical applications of evidence-based learning strategies.

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Why is this course critical for student success?


How many students can participate from my school?

We want to provide this course to as many students as we can. Please apply as soon as possible, as we will admit more students until our funding runs out.

Are there any prerequisites for success in this course?

No! The course was designed to be accessible to students with no background knowledge in this area.

How can I fit this into the busy school schedule?

Students can complete the modules during or outside of school hours. We recommend touch-points with a teacher. This can be during an academic class, advising, wellness or other community time. 

How much time will this take my students to complete?

Approximately one hour per week for two months. There are six modules, each with three chapters. One chapter averages about 30-60 minutes for completion. 

How much interaction will I have with Blake and the other educators?

Blake will be blogging about this experience and hosting several synchronous meetings with the cohort of educators. 

How will you select students / educators who qualify for the scholarship?

We aim to distribute the scholarships to a wide network of educators committed to helping their students become independent learners with a focus on serving underserved communities globally. Our goal is to maximize the impact of our investment through partnerships with committed educators serving students who can benefit greatly from this scholarship.

How will COGx support me?

There will be multiple opportunities to join a 1:1 coaching session with the COGx Program Leader. 

How can I learn more about the science of learning?

We have a course, Developing Sophisticated Learners, that is specifically designed for educators to incorporate evidence based strategies into their teaching practice.


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