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The Need for the Science of Learning

The Need...


Misconceptions about teaching and learning based on intuition have led to an epidemic of disengagement in schools (Evans, 2023), higher education (Chronicle of Higher Ed, 2022; NY Times, 2022), and the workplace (Society for HR Management, 2023).

Optimize Teaching

The current approach to teaching is often disconnected from how students learn (Hynes, 2014). A global crisis is emerging of learners of all ages being unprepared for future employment and prosperity (UNICEF, 2022), increasing achievement and opportunity gaps (UNESCO, 2023) with “uneducated, uninspired, and unskilled” learners (UNICEF, 2022).

Optimize Learning

Learning is a scientific process, and for students to learn optimally they must be taught (Bjork et al., 2013: Dunlosky 2021). This is true regardless of cognitive abilities and disposition towards learning. Students often use ineffective techniques such as highlighting and re-reading, with limited success. Such strategies are rooted in the misconception about learning (Bjork & Bjork, 2011).

Our Purpose

Optimize Teaching and Learning
College Success

Elevate students' academic performance with personalized support and innovative resources tailored to their needs.

Workforce Ready

Empower students with the skills and confidence needed to excel in today's competitive workforce

Lifelong Learner

Develop the mindset and adaptability to thrive in an ever-changing world, fostering continuous personal and professional growth.

Explore Our Solutions

COGx Comprehensive Student Support Programs

These programs not only prepare more students for success in pursuing a 4-year degree but also equip them with the skills needed to thrive in the competitive workforce.

Becoming a Sophisticated Learner for Students

Research reveals that students rely on the least effective strategies to learn. This causes students to work too hard and/or underperform. An education is incomplete if we fail to teach our students how to learn optimally. COGx closes this gap by democratizing the science of learning for students with various versions of the program for middle school through college-level students.

Developing Sophisticated Learners for Educators

Professors are far more effective at teaching what they know if they master how students learn. Yet, this formation is rarely included in per-service training or in-service training. Ignoring this does not set up educators or students to succeed. COGx closes this gap with a robust, flexible and proven program offering that can be customized to meet each organization’s needs.

COGx Programs: In Partnership With World Renowned Experts on Science of Learning

Academic Partners

“COGx has been devoted to translating scientific research and evidence-based practice into accessible programs. They are rigorous in their approach and committed to applying research findings and evidence with fidelity. As a result, they are making great strides in changing the status quo in education to one that embraces scientific research on learning.”

Professor Robert Bjork
COGx Academic Partner & Professor of Psychology, UCLA; Bjork Learning & Forgetting Lab

Our Process

Customize & Adopt 

Center of Excellence

We transfer capacity to our partners so outcomes can be replicated with fidelity and at the lowest cost possible across your organization. We also recognize the importance of contextualizing our programs to your needs. To achieve these objectives, we promote the adoption of a COGx Center of Excellence in our partner organizations.


Develop internal capacity to deliver training within your organization while replicating a standard of excellence.


Collaborate with COGx to select and contextualize programs for your needs.


Minimize the cost to scale-up within your college by lowering the enrollment cost for all COGx Programs.


Tailored Strategy

Carefully developing a bespoke roadmap that is meticulously tailored to the distinctive needs
and specific long-term objectives
of your college.


Internal Capacity

COGx delivers extensive training to transfer capacity with fidelity to a team within your college, fostering internal expertise and enhancing operational flexibility.


Launch & Scale

Your college determines when to initiate COGx programs, ensuring the provision of tailored and differentiated support as per its unique needs and objectives.


Ongoing Support

Maintain a cadre of experts within your college who are fully supported by COGx with access
to new programs and ongoing


COGx Programs: Award-Winning

Global Recognition 

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