Elizabeth Bjork, PhD

Professor Cognitive Psychology, UCLA

Professor of Cognitive Psychology, University of California, Los Angeles, Department of Psychology

Relevant Affiliation: Bjork Learning & Forgetting Lab, UCLA

Areas of Expertise: Human Learning & Memory; Implications of Science of Learning for Instruction

Education: PhD in Cognitive Psychology, University of Michigan

Elizabeth Ligon Bjork is a Professor of Psychology at the University of California, Los Angeles. Prior to joining the UCLA Psychology Department, she has served as a member of the Editorial Boards for Perception & Psychophysics and Memory & Cognition and as a member of the Initial Review Group for the National Institute of Mental Health, Basic Behavioral Processes.

Within the Department, Professor Bjork is in charge of the Teacher Training Seminar and Program for Teaching Assistants, and she also chairs the campus-wide Teaching Assistant Training Committee. Professor Bjork’s primary area of research is human memory, particularly the role of inhibitory processes in certain types of goal-directed forgetting, such as memory updating, and in the resolution of competition in retrieval.

More recently, Professor Bjork’s research involves how we might apply principles of learning and memory discovered in the laboratory to enhance instructional practices—research funded by a collaborative grant from the James S. McDonnell Foundation. For her contributions to the development and teaching of this course as well as other instructional activities, Professor Bjork has been the recipient of the Department’s Distinguished Teaching Award.

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