Name: Yara Age: 11 Program GoalsTo improve weaknesses improve processing speed, attention (primarily sustained attention), and executive functioning; improve visualization to support spelling ability and reading comprehension. “Yara is like a different student in the classroom. She is more organized … Read More


Name: Tanya Age: 9 Program GoalsTo develop a growth mindset, strengthen her processing skills, primarily processing speed, and improve her long-term memory, so that she can learn more easily and experience the joy of learning. “Initially Tanya was skeptical and … Read More


Name: Samuel Age: 59 Program GoalsTo strengthen long-term memory and processing speed, so that Samuel can regain confidence and improve in performing his daily activities. “I was unable to diagnose cases when we met and now my ability to diagnose … Read More


Name: Harry Age: 13 Program GoalsTo develop processing skills (attention and processing speed) , long-term memory and metacognition, so that Harry improves his overall learning ability. “I like school more now and like using linking to remember things.” Harry Cognition … Read More


Name: Cara Age: 10 Program GoalsTo increase Cara’s processing speed, to reduce her impulsivity, and to improve her ability to remember information and organize thoughts so that she can learn more quickly and easily. “I learned tricks that help me … Read More