COGx Certification

COGx Practitioner Certification: Individualized Learning Enhancement Program

COGx will train and certify a team of individuals at partner organizations (e.g., schools, learning centers, tutors, independent clinicians, and more) to implement the COGx methodology in training individuals to become sophisticated learners.

Becoming a COGx Practitioner

Select members from your organization to be certified as COGx Practitioners.

  • Certified COGx Practioners are equipped with the knowledge and practice necessary to implement COGx Individualized Learning Enhancement Programs.
  • One COGx Manager is trained to support program enrollment, design, and progress for all Practitioners.
  • One COGx Administrator is trained on integrating COGx services into your organization and messaging programs to your community.

COGx Certification: Training Modules

 Certification Training consists of 3 modules, including ~20 hours of independent work online and ~20 hours of in-person training.

Module 1

The Fundamentals

This is a self-led module that consists of a series of short lessons with accompanying quizzes and assignments, which are designed to prepare you for Core Training. 

Module 2

Core Training

This is an in-person training that takes place over the course of 3 days. It is designed to be interactive and consists primarily of demonstration, group discussion, and role play opportunities.

Module 3

Assessment & Feedback

This module begins immediately following core training and includes: conducting a session observation, running a mock session, and learning additional methodology and topics.

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