COGx Certification

Certification: COGx Individualized Learning Enhancement Program

COGx will train and certify a team of individuals at partner organizations (e.g., schools, learning centers, tutors, independent clinicians, and more) to implement the COGx methodology in training individuals to become sophisticated learners.

Becoming a COGx Practitioner

Select members from your organization to be certified as COGx Practitioners.

  • Certified COGx Professionals are equipped with the knowledge and practice necessary to implement COGx Individualized Cognitive Enhancement Programs.
  • One COGx Manager is trained to support program enrollment, design, and progress for all Trainers.
  • One COGx Administrator is trained on integrating COGx services into your organization and messaging programs to your community.

COGx Certification: Training Modules

 Certification Training consists of 3 modules, including ~20 hours of independent work online and ~20 hours of in-person training

Module 1

The Fundamentals

This is a self-led module that consists of a series of short lessons with accompanying quizzes and assignments, which are designed to prepare you for Core Training. 

Module 2

Core Training

This is an in-person training that takes place over the course of 3 days. It is designed to be interactive and consists primarily of demonstration, group discussion, and role play opportunities.

Module 3

Assessment & Feedback

This module begins immediately following core training and includes: conducting a session observation, running a mock session, and learning additional methodology and topics.

Training Details


Work through most of the training program online and join us in the Washington area from August 4th to 6th for intensive, in-person training.


The in-person training will be held at
The Westin Hotel
2520 Wasser Terrace, Herndon, VA 20171


Certification Training costs $1500 per trainee with a minimum of 2 trainees per organization. COGx will provide trainees with 2 complimentary nights in hotel rooms at double occupancy.

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