Processing Speed


Name: Yara Age: 11 Program GoalsTo improve weaknesses improve processing speed, attention (primarily sustained attention), and executive functioning; improve visualization to support spelling ability and reading comprehension. “Yara is like a different student in the classroom. She is more organized … Read More


Name: Tanya Age: 9 Program GoalsTo develop a growth mindset, strengthen her processing skills, primarily processing speed, and improve her long-term memory, so that she can learn more easily and experience the joy of learning. “Initially Tanya was skeptical and … Read More


Name: Sophia Age: 12 Program GoalsTo increase Sophia’s processing speed, attention, memory and metacognition, so that she becomes a more aware, confident and independent learner. “This program sparked something inside her, and now she is consuming everything ferociously. I am … Read More


Name: Solomon Age: 11 Program GoalsTo strengthen Solomon’s processing skills (attention, processing speed & working memory), to improve executive functioning, long-term memory, and metacognition, so that Solomon can learn with less difficulty. “I could use these techniques to learn anything, … Read More


Name: Samuel Age: 59 Program GoalsTo strengthen long-term memory and processing speed, so that Samuel can regain confidence and improve in performing his daily activities. “I was unable to diagnose cases when we met and now my ability to diagnose … Read More


Name: Phillip Age: 17 Program GoalsTo improve long-term memory, reasoning/comprehension skills and metacognition, so that Phillip can learn complex content more easily. “Phillip really enjoyed COGx and is excited to apply what he has learned to his studies.” Parent ASD … Read More


Name: Nurah Age: 13 Program GoalsTo strengthen processing skills (attention, working memory and processing speed); improve long-term memory by mastering evidence-based techniques and strategies, and enhance metacognition. “The rate at which she is learning new information continues to increase as … Read More


Name: Maura Age: 19 Program GoalsTo improve weaknesses in processing speed, long-term memory, and executive function; regarding speed, target ability to process (integration) and produce outputs; regarding long-term memory, target ability to accurate store and retrieve information reliably in order … Read More


Name: Harry Age: 13 Program GoalsTo develop processing skills (attention and processing speed) , long-term memory and metacognition, so that Harry improves his overall learning ability. “I like school more now and like using linking to remember things.” Harry Cognition … Read More


Name: Hannah Age: 10 Program GoalsTo improve processing speed (output), and equip Hannah with learning tools to make her a more confident learner. Twice Exceptional Research, Insight & Our Approach COGx Visit our resource library Learn More Profile Aproach Outcomes … Read More