Name: Yara Age: 11 Program GoalsTo improve weaknesses improve processing speed, attention (primarily sustained attention), and executive functioning; improve visualization to support spelling ability and reading comprehension. “Yara is like a different student in the classroom. She is more organized … Read More


Name: Tanya Age: 9 Program GoalsTo develop a growth mindset, strengthen her processing skills, primarily processing speed, and improve her long-term memory, so that she can learn more easily and experience the joy of learning. “Initially Tanya was skeptical and … Read More


Name: Sophia Age: 12 Program GoalsTo increase Sophia’s processing speed, attention, memory and metacognition, so that she becomes a more aware, confident and independent learner. “This program sparked something inside her, and now she is consuming everything ferociously. I am … Read More


Name: Claire Age: 13 Program GoalsTo improve Claire’s long term-memory by teaching, training and transferring evidence-based techniques and strategies, and to improve her metamemory so that she can boost her academic performance. “I definitely feel my memory improved & I’m … Read More


Name: Cara Age: 10 Program GoalsTo increase Cara’s processing speed, to reduce her impulsivity, and to improve her ability to remember information and organize thoughts so that she can learn more quickly and easily. “I learned tricks that help me … Read More


Name: Benjamin Age: 16 Program GoalsTo improve Benjamin’s processing speed, in order to help him complete assignments faster. “Note taking has gotten better. I’m more organized and quicker. I can process information that comes in auditorily and visually better than … Read More


Name: Ahmad Age: 9 Program GoalsTo strengthen Ahmad’s processing skills, primarily working memory, and to improve his executive functioning. “The tools Ahmad acquired throughout his program completely transformed his approach and attitude toward learning for the better!” COGx Learning Specialist … Read More