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    Washington, D.C.

    COGx programs are the outcome of academic research with extensive experience delivering successful programs to enhance cognition for students as well as cognitive remediation. While the company is headquartered in Maryland (with offices in Washington DC) it has a growing international presence through strategic partnerships.

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    COGx is a research and development firm in applied cognitive science dedicated to delivering programs that enhance learning outcomes.

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    We work with individuals, qualified professionals, organizations, and schools.

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    We offer individuals a customized and science-based methodology to enhance cognition for improved learning. We offer schools training on our methods to make our programs available to their schools and professional development modules for educators. We also license our methods to clinicians.

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    We offer our partners and clients tailored and affordable solutions founded in scientific principles and supported by ongoing research partnerships and development.

“Before attending Yale and Harvard, I was told I was “mildly retarded” and had dropped out of a community college with a 1.6 GPA”

2016 Research Publication: Education

Our 2016 publication for educators is made available exclusive to partners and the markets they serve. The publication contains approximately 60 pages of insights distilling over 100 scientific journals. The publication’s focus is on how to develop better learners through improvements in emotion, cognition and behavior.

2016 Research Publication: Remediation

The impact of learning disabilities, concussions, brain injuries, trauma, and illnesses have on our cognitive skills is astonishing. Clinicians mostly do their best to remediate cognition with indirect approaches. This publication identifies the gap and provides ideas on how more targeted, science-based approaches can be applied to remediate cognition.

2015 Research Publication: Enhancement & Remediation

Our 2015 publication surveys the research available to enhance and/or remediate cognitive skills, including a section on the state of the industry. The publication offers a clear distinction between standardized and customized programs. It explains how to audit programs and highlights the limitations of programs delivered by franchisors and/or online.