Memory, Processing & Learning

Program Goals: Reduce time completing schoolwork, which has diminished his confidence and motivation. Specifically, his long term-memory (11th percentile) and processing speed need improvements.

Program Duration: 80 hours

Attention & Comprehension

Progam Goals: His test scores and grades need to improve. Specifically, we like to see an increase in attention, comprehension and long-term memory (which was found to be in the 6th percentile).

Hours of Program Duration: 60 hours 

Executive Function

Program Goals: To see improvements in the amount of time it takes AC to complete homework each night and develop organizational skills. 

Program Duration: 90 hours

Processing Speed

Program Goals: Improve executive processing speed and decision speed. Specifically, decision speed was in the 8th percentile and executive processing speed was in the 29th percentile.

Program Duration: 75 hours

Processing Speed & Critical Thinking

Goal: Improve attention, critical thinking and the speed at which SY completes his work. His processing speed was in the 22nd percentile and affecting attention and timely completion of school work. Hours of Individualized.

Program Duration: 65 hours

Impulsivity & Critical Thinking

Program Goals: Improve accuracy in homework assignments (reduce impulsive / careless mistakes), math, short-term and long-term memory and critical thinking skills.

Hours of Program Duration: 100 hours

Decision Speed, Memory & Math

Goal: AH works too hard to complete assignments and is a perfectionist. We’d like to see improvements in decision speed, long-term and short term memory and bolster numerical fluency (math).

Program Duration: 100 hours

Reasoning Skills & Math

Program Goals: MH spends a long time on Math homework so improving his logic and reasoning (which was found to be in the 20th percentile) and processing speed would be beneficial.

Program Duration: 60 hours

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6 years of frustration...end
“After about 6 years of frustration and pain regarding my child’s schooling, I have finally found a huge link that was missing.Although the various schoolsprovided a few strategies for him to compensate for his cognitive deficits he seemed stuck in the rut of merely learning by rote. There was no spark in him, no confidence, and no real growth in the areaswhere he was lacking. At times, I would despair, wondering what would happen to him in the future. I know the provisions available through the schools–public, private, special needs, would help him a bit to move through the system in his education, but none of it would result in the real change I have witnessed in my son since he started individualized cognitive training with the COGx methodology.”
-Parent of COGx student, age 9
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