Natalie Young

Natalie Young

Learning & Development Director, COGx


Natalie Young is the Learning & Development Director at COGx. She supports COGx Partner schools in adopting programs on the Science of Learning to ensure their fidelity and success. Natalie is an experienced educator who holds a master’s degree from Teachers College at Columbia University and has served over 350 diverse learners ages 3-13. Natalie authored curriculum that was recognized at regional conferences and on expert panels. In addition, Natalie has led and coordinated school- and state-wide professional development programming. After witnessing the power of the Science of Learning as a teacher and trainer, Natalie is devoted to making a difference for students globally by way of educators.

Natalie's Publications & Presentations

6 Evidence-Based Instructional Practices Drawn From Cognitive Science

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Science of Learning: The Engine that Powers Competency-Based Schools

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CompetencyWorks Blogs by Aurora Institute

COGx & Tri Association - Online Webinar

COGx hosted two webinars, led by Natalie Young, titled 'Engage and Motivate Students' and 'Make your class meaningful & memorable'.

COGx and MCP
Debunking Common Learning and Memory Myths

This presentation, led by Natalie young & Saskia Giebl, provided an overview of the Science of Learning and debunked common learning/memory myths with an eye on strategies that benefit all learners. I